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What You Should Know About DWI Laws

Being pulled over makes your heart drop as soon as you see the flashing lights behind you. The truth is that most drivers don’t understand their rights during a stop. The police can tell you whatever they would like in order to get you to submit to testing. Refusal to perform testing could lead to a suspension of your driver’s license. What the police do not tell you is that you can apply for a “Work Only” license that is just used for essentials like work or medical appointments. The following are things that you should know about DWI laws if ever accused of a USA crime

Remain Silent

You are not going to talk your way out of a traffic stop and could be providing more evidence that you are impaired. The slurring of words or being overtalkative can be signs you have had too much to drink. Answer questions with short yet respectful answers as nobody wins when you are rude to the police. 

You Need An Attorney If Arrested 

Immediately contacting a Raleigh DWI lawyer or one in your area is imperative. An attorney can help you through the process of appealing to the DMV if your license was suspended. There will be a hearing where the officer will have to show up or your suspension will be thrown out. The advantage of doing this is the ability to lock an officer into sworn testimony. The attorney can also see if there is anything wrong with the way that evidence was gathered. 

Refusal of testing is going to make the job of your attorney far easier. Using a breathalyzer is concrete proof that you were drinking and potentially were over the limit. You do not have over the limit to be arrested but rather just impaired to the point where you cannot drive. DWI officers are considered expert witnesses in the field so the case could be tougher to fight in the drunk driving unit was called. 

Negotiations are the reason that attorneys are so worth the investment. The ability to negotiate with prosecutors is going to be very important. You might get a plea deal that results in probation and a requirement to attend a few classes. Lawyers understand which judges are more reasonable when it comes to diversion programs for a first-time offender. 

Tactics To Avoid Driving Intoxicated

Ubering anywhere you go can completely eliminate the chance of driving after a few drinks. Having a designated driver can be a great idea especially if you are in a small town without rideshare services. Taxi services are still widely available although these will be the most expensive options besides getting arrested for drinking and driving. Taking advantage of transportation options offered to the public is not possible for everyone as not all cities have reliable transportation. 

DWI laws are going to differ by state with some like Texas and Florida being the most strict. Understanding your rights in all states you visit is going to be important as they might be different from the state you live in.