What is Radio Automation Software: A Guide With Everything to Know

If you work in the world of broadcast radio, you know the pain of keeping up with a content schedule. Queue radio automation software.

This type of software can come to the rescue to provide an uncomplicated and automated way to stage and broadcast all of your content.

Radio Automation Software: What Is It?

Radio automation software is software that allows you to schedule all of your record songs, commercials, or interviews through a computer. Rather than having to physically be in the studio and monitor when content is broadcast, the software can do this for you.

It’s similar to compiling a playlist. Once you have everything queued up, you can count on the program to cycle through the content based on your predetermined schedule.

How Radio Automation Software Can Help You

Free radio automation software can solve the main problem of organizing and scheduling your radio station’s content. Sure, there’s some manual input involved to set up queues and playlists. But it’s nothing compared to having to staff an employee throughout the night to do all the manual work in real-time.

In addition to less hassle with content organization and scheduling, radio station automation saves money. Free up your staff from having to serve that dreaded night shift, and leave it all to radio automation software.

Other specific actions radio automation software can execute for you include:

  • Presenter transitions and changes
  • Mixing music and shows
  • Broadcast content from your computer to online airwaves
  • Create automated playlist rotations

Choosing Radio Automation Software

Many companies provide radio automation software for free. But other professional radio automation software does come with a cost. In exchange for the investment, you’ll often gain more control over what you can do and schedule.

Here are a few priorities you may want to weigh when choosing the right radio automation software for your needs.

  • Price: Free programs come with the perk of not having to dish out a lot of money. But if the free version doesn’t offer the kind of control you want, you may want to level up to a paid or pro version.
  • User-friendliness: Even a free program can come with a steep learning curve or an outdated interface. Consider how much time you’ll have to invest to get up and running and where you even like to use the program.
  • Updates and support: Some software programs provide included software updates as the company makes updates and enhancements. If a program is more technical, you may also want to research the kind of support available for that software.
  • Available features: Each software program offers varying levels of control or bells and whistles. Dig deep to find out if a program has the features you need, whether that’s a built-in encoder, a mobile app, or interface customization power.

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Automation for business and life, in general, shows no signs of slowing down. And radio automation software can provide that next level of scheduling ease to your broadcasting life.

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