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What Are the Advantages of Ordering Custom Perfume Boxes?

We know that unboxing videos have taken social media platforms by storm. And it has increased demand for custom perfume boxes. It is admitted that people love to gift their favorite fragrances to their loved ones. It makes their special day memorable, and they cherish the gift for a long time. 

And the same time, perfume brands are crazy for customized packaging. And there is a plethora of reasons for this obsession. The packaging looks impressive in the unboxing videos, and as a result, it impresses the viewers. As a result, it boosts your sales and takes your marketing game to the next level. So, in this blog, we will shed light on the amazing benefits of custom boxes. Let us get into the details!

Adds a “WOW” Factor to Perfume Packaging

Custom perfume packaging is not merely a box. It tells perfume lovers about your brand’s craftsmanship. In other words, perfume packaging is everything. Hence the creative team spent hours designing the bespoke boxes because it pays off the brands in the long run!

Moreover, customization adds special effects to the packaging and impresses the customers. It gives you a lot of design, print, box style, and color margin. Hence it offers a platform to turn your dream packaging into reality.

Custom Perfume Boxes with Logo: Powerful Marketing Tool

Do you know that people spend thousands of dollars to buy exclusive perfume collections? Yes, that is 100% true. The thing is that wearing a powerful scent tells a lot about your personality. Hence celebrities, influencers, and businessmen always buy top-class perfumes. 

Therefore, you can create a unique brand identity with custom perfume boxes with logo. And you know what is so magical about it? The people enter the store, look at the perfume packaging and buy it. 

Hence you can give your logo a flashy and eye-catching look with the following design techniques.

• Embossing

• Debossing

• Hot foil stamping

Each technique gives a special effect and makes your perfume packaging drool worthy!

Out-of-the-box packaging styles

There are uncountable perfume brands in the market. And each of them offers unique scents to the customers.

So, do you want to differentiate your custom printed perfume boxes from the rest? You can opt for the following packaging styles.

1. Bellyband packaging

2. Partial cover box

3. Straight tuck end

4. Counter top display box

5. Drawer packaging

6. Telescoping box

7. Two-piece style

Provides durable packaging stock

We all know that perfume bottles are fragile and delicate. Thus, it requires strong packaging that prevents the bottles from leakage, cracking, or shattering. And the sturdy packaging keeps the perfume bottles safe during transit.

You can pack and showcase the perfumes in cardboard perfume box, kraft, or rigid stock. And for shipping bulk quantities, corrugated boxes are ideal.

But for retail packaging, cardboard, and kraft are quite popular. Both are durable, recyclable, and reusable. But for endless customization, cardboard is preferred as compared to kraft. It is customizable to any size, color, shape, or design. Moreover, you can easily apply surface laminates and finishings on cardboard perfume boxes. 

Custom Perfume Boxes

Beautiful subscription gift packaging

When you ask people about the most popular gift item, what do they answer? The majority of them say perfumes! The reason is that for centuries perfumes have been a popular gift item. And whenever the giftees wear the perfume, it reminds them of the gifted. Hence it forms a beautiful bond.

And what is even more beautiful is the exclusive custom perfume packaging. It makes the giftees feel special and provides maximum protection to the bottles.

So, you can use rigid stock and decorate it with foil stamping, greeting cards, stickers, or hang tags. It gives a wholesome packaging experience, and they can’t stop raving about the quality!

Wholesale perfume boxes with inserts

Custom inserts are widely used in wholesale perfume boxes and cargo packaging. Since they are placed inside the perfume box, it adds more strength. Thus, it prevents the packaging from wrinkling or collapsing. You can customize the dividers in kraft, cardboard, rigid or corrugated stock. And depending on the quantity of the perfume bottles, you can order the inserts in any thickness or size.

As stated earlier, customization takes your packaging to another level, providing you with an open ground to explore and experiment with new things. Thus, you can use the inserts for cross-selling other perfume collections. Yes, you can print interesting perfume details to grab the customer’s attention. It is just another way to make them feel valued. On top of that, it makes your perfume brand popular.

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