What Is My Decorating Style? Find out with These 5 Questions

Decorating your home can be one of the most satisfying activities to take part in. That is, after all, part of the reason why the interior design industry exists in the first place.

If you’re not sure how to go about it on your own and don’t want to enlist outside help, you’ll need to take some time to figure out your own style.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know to answer ‘what is my decorating style.’

Before We Begin…

It’s important to note that there are hundreds of different interior design styles, and many of them overlap with each other. So, we’ll explore a handful of the most common.

Let’s dive in.

1. What Does Your Ideal Living Room Look Like?

Think in terms of color and placement here. Do you prefer…

  • Something cozy and lived-in?
  • Bold-colored furniture against white walls?
  • Sleek and modern?

2. What Kind of Room Accessories Do You Prefer?

There are countless choices you could make, so we’ll keep the categories broad:

  • Organic (plants, clay pots, etc.)
  • Antiques
  • Glass objects (decorative pieces, candles, etc.)
  • Things with plenty of colors (material doesn’t necessarily matter here) 

3. How Do You Spend a Perfect Saturday?

When you’ve got an afternoon free, what’s the best way to spend it?

  • Exploring the city or shopping
  • Heading out for a hike or into the woods
  • Tidying up everything around your home

4. What’s Your Ideal Outdoor Space Look Like?

This generally applies to your backyard setup but could apply to any outdoor area of your home that includes furniture:

  • Blocky furniture with an architectural look
  • Plenty of earth tones and organic material
  • Clean, organized lines throughout the space 

5.What About Your Ideal Dining Area?

Finally, what does your ideal dining area look like?

  • Modern and sophisticated
  • Metallic and monochromatic
  • An Old World, Classic look
  • Bright with plenty of pastels

The Results

Based on these questions, you could fit into one of the following decor styles.


Those who are best suited to this style enjoy clean lines and tidy appearances. 

White walls, plenty of black furniture, and glass tables are staples of this design style. While it could be described as ‘sterile,’ it isn’t off-putting like a lab could be.


This one lies somewhere in between classic design styles and more modern looks. 

In general, you won’t have too many room accessories in a room with a transitional style. Instead, you’ll let the furniture do the talking.

When it does come to accessorize, though, throw pillows and area rugs are simple yet effective ways to add to a room’s atmosphere.


One of the most interesting attributes of this style is that, by definition, it’s constantly evolving.

Currently, this style makes use of plenty of open space with a simple, clean furniture arrangement. Metal and glass are common materials due to their modern feel.

The color palette is mainly neutral, so you won’t find too much vibrancy here. Saarinen Tulip Tables can be a great addition to any room with this style.


For those who love the openness of nature and want to introduce an organic feel into their home, this is the style for you.

At its core, it’s about expressing yourself in a way that stays true to what you enjoy. As such, there aren’t many rules when it comes to material and color choice.

It’s not uncommon for Bohemian-style rooms to have plenty of plants, open space, and room accessories that give it a personalized feel (such as a flag, guitar, etc.).

So, What Is My Decorating Style?

With the above information about ‘what is my decorating style’ in mind, you’ll be well on your way to designing your home’s interior in a way that suits you perfectly.

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