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The Most Common Problems with Instagram You Should Know

Instagram is the most popular social media platform today with over 500 million users on a monthly basis. It is that one platform where nearly every other person logs in to pass time or just get entertained. It has also grown substantially for business or all kinds even establishing business connections. Despite all these accolades, Instagram also has its challenges that sometimes limit users’ access and use. You may not be aware of these problems probably because you may not have experienced them all. To get the most updated tags for IG requires a lot of research, which is one problem that IG users will certainly face. Here are other problems that you should know.

Login Challenges

Most new users experience this challenge more often than not. It is usually annoying especially when you want to post in real time or want to record a live video. You will find that in most cases you have either entered the wrong username, or the wrong password. There are mechanisms that Instagram has set in place to help you bypass this problem. You can reset your password or request to be reminded of your username using your email. Just make sure that you have access to your email. IncrediTools has a list of the best sites to help you get more followers if you are finding it hard to get started.


There are those times that you experience challenges with posting content. You try all you can but the video or the image just won’t upload. There are two possible scenarios that can cause these to happen. One, you may have been actively using your account, liking and commenting that you get flagged as spam. Instagram will require you to take a break for a while so that they can restore your account. Another possible cause would be that you do not have a strong enough internet connection. Instagram requires a strong connection to operate. In such a case, check your bundle balance or the signal strength of the WiFi connection you are using.


There are those times when you will see an interesting post on your feed from one of your followers but you just cannot comment on it.  Apart from network problems that you can solve by connecting to a stronger network, there are times when Instagram will flag your account as spam. This happens if you consistently copy and paste the same comment over and over on several different posts. This activity appears like the work of a bot. Instagram discourages the use of such as it requires interactions between and among people be authentic. Avoid comments with more than five tags, using the same comment on one post multiple times and inserting more than 30 hashtags on the same comment. If you go against these rules, then you will be prevented from posting on popular and other accounts.

Photo Editing

Instagram has various photo editing tools and filters. It can, however, be difficult to have your pictures have the same quality on a large screen if you used a smaller screen to edit. Furthermore, Instagram being designed for use on mobile phones does not allow users to use these tools when viewed on a desktop or a laptop. This can be limiting to those who have advanced tools for editing their photos.

Tagging Challenges

Tagging other Instagram users is a good way of letting your content gets seen by as many people as possible in a bid to grow the number of your followers. There is a catch to it though. The number of tags is limited to minimize the possibility of spamming. Much the same as commenting, you are limited to only a few tags to make sure that others also have a chance of using this feature, otherwise, some accounts would take monopoly of this feature. If you find yourself unable to tag your photos to other accounts, find out how many tags you have already used and wait for your account to refresh.

Following Others

Apparently, you cannot follow an unlimited number of people on Instagram. The threshold is capped at 7500 people. This might be a problem especially if you are a celebrity and have millions of followers. While there is no absolute solution to this challenge, you can selectively decide who to follow to maximize your engagement.

Instagram like every other social sharing platform has its own challenges. It is helpful if you understand how the platform operates and the tricks to use to get the most out of it despite the challenges. We recommend following users who are likely to follow you in return so that you can grow your following and attract organic followers.