The Best Mid-Range In-Car Audio Components: Product Reviews

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If you are thinking of investing in a top-of-the-range in-car audio system, there is much to consider. Obviously, you want to biggest bang for your bucks, and while there are many top brands, here is our list of the best value car audio components in 2020.

  • Media Players – The heart of the system, the media player provides the source of the playback, and with the Sony XAV AX5000, you have everything you need in a media player. This unit incorporates touch screen controls and allows you to integrate with Apple CarPlay and Android platforms. Voice control enables effortless use of GPS mapping, plus you can answer calls, check SMS and email, all using your voice, and that means you don’t have to let go of the wheel.
  • Power Amplifiers – While all media player units have a built-in amplifier, if you really want power, you should invest in a power amp like the JBL Auto Club range, and with a choice of 2 or 4-channel output, you can be sure of having enough power to wind up the system without experiencing any distortion. The other good brand is Kenwood, who have power amps with various power outputs, and they can be found with the online supplier of hi-end car audio equipment. If you drive an off-road truck, here are a few must-have gadgets to add to your wish list.
  • Coaxial Speakers – These are top quality speakers with both tweeter and woofer on the same cone, and with the JBL Audio GT7 series, you have the perfect set of speakers that provide distortion-free performance. If you search online for an Australian car audio component supplier, they would have a wide range of top brand products at affordable prices, plus you can buy the installation kit that contains all the items you need for a professional installation.

Online Reviews

If you are planning to purchase separate components to build your in-car audio system, it makes sense to check out what others say about various components, which is easy with an online search. There are quite a few online forums for serious in-car audio enthusiasts, and it is here that you will find the answers to your questions. If you are concerned about paying a lot of money to an online supplier, here are some details about your rights as an online consumer, which is more than a little reassuring.

Setting your Budget

As with most things, your budget will determine the options, and once you have decided how much you are prepared to invest in your in-car audio, you can then start viewing components from the online supplier. Rather than looking in traditional retail outlets, you are better off buying from the online supplier, as they offer the best deals on brand name products.

Once you have chosen the components, it is important to find a professional to install the system, unless, of course, you happen to be an expert, in which case you can save yourself some money by installing the system yourself.