Tech Companies With The Best Employee Perks

When searching for a future employer, weighing your benefits is a crucial step in deciding which company fits your needs. Employee benefits are an integral part in providing a healthy work environment. In many work opportunities, perks are the whole reason why some potential employees choose a employer over another. A study done by the company Aflac showed that 56 percent of employees would accept a lower paying job if it meant better benefits. Some of the best and sometimes unusual perks come from tech companies. Silicon Valley is full of some of the best jobs in terms of benefits. Here are some of the best tech companies with the best benefits.


Google is one of the premier tech companies, not only in terms of pay but in benefits too. Google’s main office allows its employees to choose from over 30 cafes with almost any type of food imaginable. Furthermore, Google allows its employees free access to a fitness room and even promotes good work with free massages. In case of tragic family member death, Google also gives fifty percent of that employees salary to the spouse for ten years after their death.

Out of all the tech companies, Google has some of the best employee perks.


The popular social media platform Pinterest gives it’s employees unlimited vacation time. Employees also get access to the most up to date Apple devices from Macbooks to iPhones, and they make sure their employees are up to date with top notch equipment. Pinterest has some of the highest employee satisfaction compared to leading tech competitors.


Salesforce is a cloud computing company that has excellent employee perks. Employees have access to nutrition counseling and yoga classes to help their employees be their healthiest when they come to work. Employees also have food credit that they can use to get takeout at any time. Salesforce focuses on the health of their employees and making sure they are in their best shape.


The video streaming giant Netflix gives its employees a variety of nice perks. One perk is the ability for mothers and fathers to take a one-year paid parental leave and you are allowed to come back to work part-time while still on leave. Employees also have access to a movie theater and are allowed to take their dogs to work with them. Out of all the companies, Netflix has a lot variety in their employee perks.

When it comes to choosing a job, there’s more to do than check who is offering the higher salary. Benefits are more crucial than you’d think, as you may be working for this company for decades and burnout is inevitable. Nobody knows what the future holds and picking the best job that has the right benefits may lead to better career opportunities down the road. There are a variety of tech companies who try to make their employees feel at home in the workplace, so finding the one that has the right atmosphere is crucial in the job search.