Interviewing Jacques Poujade: The Residential Mortgage Industry & Beyond

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When it comes to financial services, there are two things that are universal truths: everyone needs them, and they can be incredibly tricky to navigate. Especially if you want to own your dream home, having the proper financial services can be the factor that helps you achieve that dream. That’s why professionals like Jacques Poujade have dedicated their careers to financial services. Poujade currently serves as Managing Partner at LendPlus, a direct lender based in Aliso Viejo, CA, but his impressive career has given him a wealth of experience. One of the key parts of his work? Helping customers find alternative mortgage solutions. We sat down with Poujade to interview him about the residential mortgage industry and beyond.

Jacques, tell us about your career.

I have worked in financial services for more than 30 years, and I’ve held a good variety of roles, which I really think has contributed to my well-rounded experience. I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Finance from McGill University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Concordia University, Loyola Campus. Now, I consider financial services my passion. 

What is your role at LendPlus?

As a Managing Partner, I help people from all different backgrounds and in different situations achieve their mortgage dreams. I really believe that everyone deserves to achieve their goals in this country, especially when it comes to home ownership. I’m proud of the work my team does to help people finance their homes.

What is the state of the residential mortgage industry?

Obviously right now, much of the economy is quickly shifting and seems unstable. But the thing with mortgage rates is that they’re actually low. They’re actually hovering around a percentage point lower than one year ago, which is a substantial difference. So, if you’re looking for lending options and you’re thinking of financing a home, now is actually an excellent time to do so. Obviously, the current timing has its own challenges. The economy is also suffering, and many people have lost some or all of their work, which could be impacting their home ownership dreams. 

What else are you keeping an eye on?

I’m always trying to stay ahead of the trends, especially when it comes to real estate and finances. I’ve been particularly interested in cryptocurrencies lately and am always looking out for the latest cryptocurrency news. I was recently featured in an article where I recommended some cryptocurrency wallets, which are crucial for any crypto investor.

How can people learn more about financial services?

I’m always looking to help people understand the worlds of real estate and finance. That’s truly one of my goals and what makes me happy to work in this field. I share a lot of articles and helpful tips on my blog, so people looking for advice can head over there.