Take your Fishing to Another Level with These Amazing Features

As you would expect, technology has well and truly merged with the age-old sport of fishing, with devices that tell you where the fish are, gadgets that inform you when you have a bite, and even mini bait boats that deliver your hook bait and some ground. In case you haven’t been paying attention to the cutting-edge of tech fishing equipment, here are just a few of the devices available from online tackle dealers.

  • Fish-Finders – If you’re fishing a large body of water and you want to know where the fish are, enter the fish-finder, a digital device that gives you a screen readout much like radar. The fish-finder can be the difference between a blinder of a day and a blank, and they can be used on any size boat, and in the right conditions, this device will ensure that you drop your bait where the fish are feeding.
  • Bait Alarms – Ideal for bank fishing, especially during night sessions, the alarm can be both audio and visual, with a range of sound options so you can distinguish your alarm from others. The line runs over a free nylon wheel, which drives the alarm, and if you lake-fish, bait alarms are ideal as they ensure you never miss that big take, plus you can grab a nap, knowing you are covered.
  • Customised Fibreglass Fishing Boats – Yes, a lot of research has gone into what a fishing boat should be able to do, and with online companies with fibreglass fishing boats for sale, you can acquire a light and very fast fishing boat for a reasonable cost. They come complete with a trailer and all the essential accessories, and if you love fishing coastal estuaries, such a boat is ideal, and with a 50 HP outboard, you can get to where you want in no time.
  • Bait Boats – These have been around for a few years and were cleverly thought up by serious carp anglers that were stalking large carp, and the silent vessel can contain your hook bait, which can be released remotely, plus it has a trapdoor to release your ground bait in precisely the place you want it. Baiting up a swim can now include dumping a few kgs of ground bait, which attracts the fish to that specific zone, where you will cast your bait, and such is the accuracy, serious carp fisherman wouldn’t be seen without a bait boat.
  • Fluorescent Floats – Nothing new, these luminous floats make night fishing a pure joy, and of course, you have a wide choice of LED illumination, with colours and hues to suit. You don’t have to strain your eyes to see your float, and the moment you get a take, you will know and can set the hook in good time.

Fishing is much more comfortable with some of the tech features available today, and whatever it is that you need, Google is your best friend, as always. You greatly improve your chances of success when you bring technology into the loop, and that’s really the goal for every angler.