Repair vs Replace: Phone Edition

One of the best things we can learn to master in life is knowing when something needs to be repaired, and being able to tell that something now needs to be replaced. A lot of us tend to spend a lot of money trying to repair a thing that is beyond repairs, and we have also wasted a lot of money replacing things that could have been repaired and then worked fine for a while longer. Being able to tell the difference between these two things can help one move a lot better in the game of life. 

Our phones are another great example of this problem. We have all tried to constantly send our phones for repair in hopes that would last us a little longer, and we have also tried to immediately replace our phone at the first sign of a problem, regardless of minor or fixable, it might be. These reasons are exactly why we have dedicated this article to help you become able to tell when it is time to get something repaired, and when it is time to get something replaced entirely. We will be minimizing our scope to just phones in this article, and in case you feel like your phone might need professional repairs, you can check out the Certified Repairs website for more information. 

Screen Issues

Our phone screen, especially our smartphone screen is very likely going to run into some sort of problems over time. Physical trauma, especially in the form of fall damage can end up cracking your entire screen, and if the cracks are very extensive, you will need to take your phone for repair and have them replace the screen. Of course, if the repair shop tells you or if you already know that there are other issues in your phone as well, then you need to calculate whether getting your screen repaired is worth the money when there are multiple other problems in your phone as well, or if it will just cost you as much to replace your phone with a new one entirely. 

Other common issues with phone screens are touch insensitivity where your phone’s touch screen might not be as responsive, and dead pixels which will manifest as black spots on your screen. You will need to go to a repair store and ask them the cost of these repair jobs, and then you will need to assess how much your phone is worth, and if whether or not getting this repair work done will improve your phone’s performance or resale value or if things will not have a particularly big difference.

Battery Life

Our smartphone batteries are not meant to last forever, and a lot of people start running into battery-related problems early on. You can try to fix how your phone uses our battery and if that does not work either, you can take your phone for repairs and have them look at it. If some other underlying issues might be causing the battery problems, then your repair shop will fix it and you are good to go. However, if the issue is in your battery, you will have to mentally evaluate whether or not the cost would be worth it because when a phone is opened and its original battery is replaced, its resale value automatically drops. 

This is where you will decide whether you want to stick to a phone that will now have a relatively low resale value, or whether you want to get the phone replaced while the phone’s resale value is still not as bad. 

Performance Issues

If you are noticing that your phone’s overall performance has dropped in several different ways like slowed down performance, slower response time, applications taking longer to open, or text not appearing as quickly, then there has been a drop in your phone’s performance. Now, there can be many reasons behind this problem, as an issue with your phone’s processor, a problem with your malware, your storage being full and so on. This is why you will need to take your phone to a repair store and have them try to identify the source of the problem. Once they have identified what might be causing the issue, they will let you know about how much repair might be required and whether or not all the repairs would bring your phone back to full functionality. 

If your phone is not going to work the same even after the repair work, and/or the cost of repairs are very expensive as opposed to the actual resale price of your phone, then instead of getting your phone repaired, it is recommended that you just replace the phone. 

If you find yourself still getting confused, having a reliable phone repair service can help you since they will be honest with you and give you a better idea about what you should do.