Remembering a Loved One: 7 Creative Ways to Honor Their Memory

Death is one thing none of us can escape. It is a natural part of the circle of life. Losing a loved one evokes various emotions from different people. It depends on the relationship they shared.

During the hour of bereavement, there are a lot of decisions to be made. When a loved one passes suddenly, making the arrangements become more difficult.

Today families can opt not to have a traditional funeral. Instead, they are remembering loved ones in their own unique way.

Celebration of life services is replacing funerals, which can be formal and somber. These services reflect the life their loved ones lived. They allow people the opportunity to honor their life and legacy in ways that are meaningful.

Are you looking for a way to remember a loved one? Keep reading for seven creative ways to memorialize someone in their passing.

Why Remembering a Loved One is Important

Finding ways to remember a loved one who has died is important for various reasons. It is a way to help get closure. Some people lived awesome lives that impacted others city, state or even worldwide.

Going to a cemetery to visit a gravesite can bring sadness. For some, it is not an option because they do not live in the city where the cemetery is located.

Families opting to have a loved one cremated can divide the ashes among close family members. Each can receive a personalized urn from places like Green Meadow Memorials. This can still leave a void for some.

So here are options individuals can elect to do.

1. Plant a Tree

The world can never have too many trees. Some local parks services welcome the idea of families donating new trees to replace the older trees that have fallen during harsh storms. Others have to be cut down because they have lived hundreds of years.

When you dedicate a tree in memory of a loved one, you often have the option to place a small plaque at the base. Plus, the family can host a dedication service at the site after it has been planted.

This is perfect for someone who loved nature or spent time at a local park.

2. Build a Memorial Website with Guest Book

Creative ways to remember a loved one are boundless. Oftentimes, the funeral home will provide a webpage for the obituary but it is only there for a limited time. The local newspaper offers a guest book but after a certain point, people have to pay a fee to view it.

By having a memorial website built you have a place online to post pictures and a custom obituary. Friends and family can share comments, poems, stories, etc., whenever the urge hits them.

It also provides a space for people to go when they want to feel a connection, years later.

3. Name a Scholarship in Their Memory

Scholarships are a special way to remember a family member who had close ties to their alma mater or was a community leader. 

Schools are always in need of scholarships to assist students in need of financial assistance. When you establish a scholarship, your loved one’s memory lives on through the people it helps to earn their degree.

Your family gets to set the qualifiers. It is important they are things that mattered to the person. Consider certain disciplines, minority-based, socio-economic signifiers, etc. 

4. Have a Memorial Quilt Made

A creative way to honor someone is by having family and friends contribute a favorite photo, poem or even social media post. Have the items imaged on pieces of fabric and create a quilt.

This is a beautiful gift for a mother who lost a child. 

If the family is seeking ways to raise money for a tribute like a scholarship, this could be a fundraiser, as well. Anyone wanting a quilt can make a donation to go towards the cost and a contribution. 

5. Commission an Artist to Paint a Portrait

Did your loved one enjoy art? Maybe he or she was the owner of a business or held a seat on a board of directors. Commissioning a local artist to paint a portrait is another way to honor their legacy.

The painting can be displayed in a building for a period of time or indefinitely, along with a plaque.

6. Get a Tattoo

The most creative way to honor someone is via a tattoo. This is a popular way to keep a loved one close.

Tattoos are a powerful memorial that will last a lifetime. The tattoo artist can create an image from a favorite photo. You can add an inspirational quote or a saying the person was known for.

Getting a memorial tattoo is a very personal experience and there is no limit to how many people can get one that reflects their personal relationship. 

7. Spread Their Ashes at Their Favorite Place 

Remember a family member by spreading their ashes in a place that held sentimental value. Today, family and friends are bypassing funerals altogether and journeying to places that were loved by the deceased. This could be in another city, state, or country.

The ashes are left at temples, spread on mountains, or poured into the ocean. These types of memorials are meaningful and turn a sad occasion into something that is powerful and uplifting.

Inquire about the laws regarding disposing of ashes. 

A Lasting Memory

Remembering a loved one is a gesture to ensure their legacy lives on. Depending on what you do, it is also a place you can go when you want to feel closer to them. Or you want to host a memorial on the anniversary of their passing.

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is rarely easy even when they had preplanned for the moment. Regardless of the situation, there are many ways to remember someone after they have departed this life.

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