Ranked! The Best Live TV Streaming Service for Sports

Millions across the world are cutting the cord. In fact, more than 10 million people have cut the cord since 2012.

Cutting the cord means that people are abandoning traditional cable and satellite TV subscriptions. Instead, they are opting to use streaming services like Netflix or Disney+. The primary benefit of cutting the cord is the potential to reduce your monthly bill.

Live sports events are one consideration for streamers. Read on for a guide to the best live TV streaming service for sports. Explore the streaming services that provide live sports packages so you can continue watching the big game.

What Channels Do You Need?

Before you decide which streaming service is best, you have to decide which channels you need. Each sport plays on different networks.

For example, consider that you are a big fan of the National Football League (NFL). Primetime games are typically broadcast on ESPN and NBC. Some daytime games are broadcast on Fox and CBS.

SlingTV does not have an agreement in place with CBS. This means you will not be able to watch any NFL games that are on CBS if you select SlingTV.

NBA fans, on the other hand, need to have channels like TNT for games. It is important for you to find the channels that your favorite team or sport plays on. Then, you can make an educated decision on which streaming service is best for you.

What About Local Sports Channels?

Some subscribers are only interested in a particular team. For instance, consider a baseball fan in the New York area that only wants to watch the Yankees. The Yankees primarily play on the YES network.

Due to contract disputes, both YouTube and Sling no longer carry the YES network. Hulu is currently the only streaming service that currently carries YES. All of this means you need to consider which local network broadcasts your team and if the streaming service broadcasts this channel.

What Are the Best Live TV Streaming Service for Sports?

Now that you understand how to shop, it is time to discuss the best options. The four best options for sports are Hulu, YouTube, Sling, and AT&T TV Now.

Sling TV is downgraded in our rankings because it does not broadcast live sporting events on CBS.  AT&T TV Now is also ranked lower because it does not have NFL Network.

Hulu with Live TV has all four major broadcasting networks. However, it does not have some league-specific channels like NBA TV or NHL Network.

Therefore, it is our opinion that YouTube TV is the best option out there for sports. You should find out more information to see if YouTube TV carries your favorite team on a local broadcasting channel.

Cut the Cord

Many people are afraid to cut the cord because they worry about losing live sporting events. The truth is that you can watch plenty of sports on a streaming service.

By putting in the research, you can select a service that carries your favorite sports and teams. If you enjoyed this article about the best live TV streaming service for sports, check out our blog for more great content.