MAGFAST Proves to Be a Hit

The image of tangled cords charging your smartphone, tablet, and e-book reader isn’t visually appealing. And the problem doesn’t exist only in the mind. It is right there on your coffee table. The traditional hardwired means of charging devices come with tangles as well as other woes.

Seymour Segnit recognized this problem and took action. He came up with the idea of the MAGFAST charger, an innovative wireless solution to charging devices. The initial charger proved so popular that it evolved into a family of six chargers, and the popularity skyrocketed overnight.

No More Cords

The MAGFAST charger eliminates the necessity for a cord between a device and a charging unit. In addition to eliminating tangles, the wireless system also cuts out the costs associated with replacing them. Cables don’t last forever. In time, they wear out and require replacing, which costs money. Wireless charging makes all that extra purchasing unnecessary.

The design of the charger, however, does come with a retractable cable. So, you can hardwire charge things if you wish. Also, the charger presents two different USB ports to expand capabilities further.

The Unique Combo

The name is a combination of “magnetic” and “fast.” The latter word refers to the swift charging nature. No one wants to sit around forever, hoping that a battery’s bar shows a full charge. The charger moves the process quickly, which means your devices now maintain reliable levels of power. The “magnetic” part, however, provides something people don’t expect with charging units.

The chargers come integrated with magnets, which allow more than one charger to connect together. This connection consolidates space while also providing some aesthetic benefits, too. The chargers connect like children’s building blocks, and you can be as creative as you wish. Who says charging units can’t provide a little makeshift artwork in the home or office?

The Story Begins

Who is Seymour Segnit, and how did he come up with the idea for a revolutionary charger? Born in London, Segnit moved to the United States to explore professional opportunities. A former Saatchi & Saatchi employee, he went on to work with a multi-million-dollar Silicon Valley startup. In time, he launched a USB startup that did well but then faltered.

Undaunted, Segnit came up with the idea for the company. He launched MAGFAST via a crowdfunding campaign. The venture proved immensely successful. $300,000 arrived within the first 15 minutes, and by the end of the first day, $600,000 had been earned.

Segnit’s idea came from the annoyances he felt about finding scores of compatible chargers for his own home. He figured an easier-to-use, highly compatible charger would be a hit with consumers. So far, it looks like he was right on every level.

Expect the product to continue to grow in the market.