Moving With Pets, The Ultimate Guide

Moving is one of the top five stress-inducing tasks. The situation is far worse for animals. Any animal can feel confident if they have a daily routine. Cats insist on being fed at the same time every day, dogs must go for a morning walk, and dogs must wait for their owners to return from work each evening. The daily routines of the entire family are disrupted when it is time to relocate.

The shock caused by a quick movement in a pet could have long-term consequences. Stress might cause a pet to urinate indoors, lose its appetite, or act aggressively. On moving days, pets are more likely to flee or disappear, which is the worst-case situation.

If you plan and work with a Movers Marrickville company, moving day will go smoothly for you and your pet.

  • Prepare early: The secret to a move that is pet-friendly is early planning. Use a moving checklist that you can get. Start packing as soon as you can, and keep clearing boxes and other items out of the space where your pet spends most of his or her time. Consider bringing your pet over a couple of times before moving day if you have access to your new home so they can investigate. On moving day, they won’t be placed in a new house at random; rather, it will be a place they are accustomed to. If at all possible, let your pet stay there and use a bed or blanket for a few days before bringing it home 

Make a moving schedule: Undoubtedly, planning a timetable for a moving day is challenging. The dates don’t have to be exact, but knowing what they are will help you schedule the transfer of your pets from their current residence to their new one. You can make a strategy for which furniture needs to be moved before letting the animals out. Consider moving and setting up pet accessories like dog beds, cat condos, and rodent tanks when transporting pets, for example. On the day of the move, pet schedules should be adhered to as closely as possible. Give them food and walks at the appointed times to help them develop a routine. Whenever possible, stop frequently when travelling a distance. Use the breaks to give your little animals a rest from the noise and traffic, to walk your dogs, make your cats drink, and do other activities for your pets.

  • Keep your dogs amused: It’s crucial to set aside some additional time to amuse and exercise your dogs, even though you’ll be busy with the relocation. Using that nervous energy for something productive is one of the finest ways to alleviate stress. Hire a movers company to ease everyone’s anxiety throughout the entire transfer. Asking a buddy to help out and bringing your pet along for some outdoor play dates would be a fantastic idea if things are just too busy to get in an extra walk or play session. Hiring dog walking services are a terrific option to give your dog some exercise and time away from a busy house. As an alternative means of entertaining your pet, think about playing mind games with them. You’ll have more time to concentrate on other things because they won’t be as prone to misbehave and get bored.
  • Set up your vehicle so that your pet can travel safely: You must travel your pet in the backseat of your car, enclosed in a cage or kennel. In the event of an accident, make sure the seat belts are properly attached. Moreover, look around the car for any boxes or other loose items that can fall and harm your pet. If you think it could make your pet feel less anxious, you might cover their box or carrier with a blanket to filter out visual stimuli. It is imperative to emphasise that your pet should not be placed in a box or carrier for the first time right now. Prepare children for travel in advance so that they can do it securely and comfortably. To help them feel more comfortable and at ease while driving, you can even take them for a few practice runs in advance.
  • Pets should have their emergency relocation bags: To lessen the stress of moving for both you and your pet, make sure the necessities are prepared and packed. Food, snacks, toys, water bowls, and other necessities are the best places to start. For impromptu cleanups, don’t forget to pack paper towels and disposable plastic bags.

Before determining which local moving company is ideal for you, compare house movers. Any movers you hire must be aware of the needs of your pet. The Movers Mosman Companies recognize the value of acting swiftly and decisively to minimize stress levels for everyone on moving day and the possibility of a pet escaping.