Kicksta Review: The Ultimate Instagram Growth Tool

This authentic Kicksta review will tell you everything you need to know about using an organic Instagram growth service.

After all, earning organic growth on Instagram isn’t always easy.

Over time, engaging with your audience, posting fantastic content, and building your reputation should lead to an increase in your follower count.

The only problem? Time is money, and growing companies can’t afford to waste it.

In the long-term, you can rely on your social media schedule to drive the right outcomes for your business. Short-term, however, you need a little something extra to outshine the competition.

Kicksta is the organic Instagram growth tool that promises to solve your Insta issues.

So, what is Kicksta, and is it as great as it sounds?

Using Instagram For Business Growth

Instagram is the 6th most visited website in the world, and the 9th most popular Google query. Instagram isn’t just packed full of potential customers for your company, it’s also a place where you can genuinely engage with followers.

Around 200 million users say they visit at least one company profile each day. Plus, 81% of ‘Grammers say they use the service to find products and services. With an Instagram for Business account, you can even connect with clients, and allow people to shop for your products directly on your profile. It’s a fantastic way to unlock new sales opportunities.

Instagram drives meaningful relationships between brands and their customers by giving companies multiple ways to appeal to their fans. You can share videos that show your human side and demonstrate your authenticity. Instagram has live videos for Q&As with customers, Reels for shareability, and Instagram Stories for keeping clients involved.

However, to thrive on Instagram, you’re going to need followers.

The more followers you have, the more likely it is that you’ll reach new people, earn engagement, and even unlock more revenue.

Not just any followers will do, however. You need the people who connect with your brand to be genuine people invested in your product.

That’s where Kicksta comes in.

What Is Kicksta? A Service For Instagram Growth

Kicksta is an Instagram growth service. That means you can sign up for an account and allow Kicksta to do the work of building your social presence for you – at least partially.

In the past, Instagram growth services didn’t always have the best reputation. A lot of the companies out there didn’t offer genuine growth or followers. These services delivered bot accounts and fake fans, which did nothing for engagement. What’s worse, those spammy bot accounts often attracted the negative attention of Instagram authorities, leading to banned accounts.

Kicksta is different.

Through Kicksta, you get access to organic followers carefully chosen based on their perceived interest in the kind of account you run. This drives new opportunities for brand growth, more sales through Instagram, better audience engagement, and more.

Most importantly, you get the follower count you need without relying on fake fans.

By giving you access to genuine followers, Kicksta provides a safe way for companies to increase their presence on Instagram and pave the way for a dedicated community of fans.

Kicksta Features: What Does It Do?

As mentioned above, Kicksta is a growth service that prioritizes organic growth for Instagram accounts. The service is based around a simple premise. You sign up for an account and provide Kicksta with all the information it needs about your business.

To generate more followers for your company, Kicksta will ask you to provide a list of target accounts. These are accounts like yours which have the kind of followers you want to attract. You might choose competitors as your target accounts, influencers, or complementary brands.

Kicksta goes out and “likes” photos from each user that follows your target accounts, encouraging them to come and visit your profile and (hopefully), follow you in return. Features include:

  • Quick And Simple Setup: There’s nothing complicated about Kicksta. You can sign up for an account in a matter of minutes and start gaining organic growth almost immediately. The toughest part is figuring out whether you want the standard or premium plan.
  • Guidance And Support: Kicksta offer a professional onboarding experience for every company. There are videos to guide you through how the features work, so you don’t have to worry about getting confused.
  • Quick Access To Followers: Kicksta’s AI-enhanced algorithm automatically goes out and likes the photos of followers who you want to attract. There are no scam or bot accounts involved, just instant engagement. Kicksta’s system can like up to 10,000 photos per month.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The artificial intelligence system means that Kicksta can helpfully identify the people most likely to follow your account. Plus, AI can like accounts a lot quicker than humans, ensuring faster growth.
  • Safe, Stress-Free Growth: Unlike other growth accounts which may risk bans, Kicksta is safe to use. You’re not going out and spamming any companies with comments. You also don’t run the risk of any fake accounts grabbing Instagram’s attention.
  • Convenient Controls: The Kicksta dashboard offers a fantastic way for users to track your growth. You can also use your dashboard to change your target accounts or add new ones over time. It’s a great way to keep building followers.

Kicksta also has a fantastic customer service strategy, with VIP email support for premium plans, a live chat function, and more.

Kicksta Prices

Although Kicksta isn’t as cheap as some of the fake growth services that used to be available online, it’s one of the most affordable safe solutions you’ll find. There’s a 14-day money-back guarantee included, meaning you can check out the service and cancel if you’re not happy.

Ultimately though, the value that Kicksta offers is hard to argue with. The service can offer up to 10,000 likes per month, which means 10,000 potential followers, for prices starting at $49. Your options include:

  • The Standard Plan: $49 per month, per user. This plan promises “moderate” growth speed (which is still quite good), a video onboarding experience, and options for up to 10 target accounts on your dashboard.
  • The Premium Plan: $99 per month, per user (Usually $149 per month, but it’s at a discount right now). The Premium plan gets you Kicksta’s maximum growth speed, as well as 40 target accounts, VIP support, video onboarding, blacklists, and live chat support.

An extra advantage of Kicksta’s pricing strategy is how flexible it is. You’re not locked into anything, and you can cancel your account at any time from the dashboard.

Will I Get Banned If I Use A Growth Tool?

That depends. If you’re using one of the old-fashioned growth tools for Instagram that relies on spamming accounts, bots, and fake followers, then you may end up in trouble.

If you’re using a solution like Kicksta, you’re safe.

One of the biggest benefits of using Kicksta for Instagram growth is that you’re attracting genuine, authentic followers. You’re not just stuffing your account with bots. 

The interactions you have with potential followers consists of liking their photos. This piques the curiosity of the user, convincing them to come back to your profile. It doesn’t raise any red flags or turn you into a spammer. All the services provided by Kicksta are totally approved by Instagram, so there’s no risk.

Kicksta also takes security for your account very seriously.

Kicksta provides each customer with a dedicated account manager, who can work with you through the process of growing your profile. You can even watch your results from your dashboard and update or change your target accounts whenever you choose.

Already, Kicksta has the trust and support of more than 10,000 agencies and influencers, which is a testament to how reliable the service is.

Should You Try Kicksta?

Instagram is still one of the most valuable tools for business growth today.

With millions of users active on the platform already, it can take some significant time and effort to build a successful account on Instagram. Kicksta can help you accelerate your social strategy and gain more followers straight away. The more organic followers you collect, the more your brand reputation improves. 

After our Kicksta review, it’s clear that Kicksta is one of the few Instagram growth services out there that genuinely delivers long-term opportunities for brand development. If you’re looking to upgrade your business reputation and find new fans, Kicksta is the way to go. It’s safe, it’s effective, and it’s easy to use.

What more could you need?