How Major Airports are Managed Efficiently

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Take a major airport like Sydney Airport as an example, there are huge logistical challenges for the management, as they try to meet the expected workload, and with so many sections, it does require state-of-the-art software to efficiently manage the many resources. The airport manager would have several department heads, who would report directly to the manager, but the really powerful tools lie within the specialised business software they use, which is designed for airport management.

Capacity Planning

One module of the airport management software would be assigned to capacity planning, and with the various data already entered, the software would balance the expected workload with available staff, making sure that workers are qualified to carry out tasks. Using aviation planning solutions enables the airport management to efficiently assign work to the right employees, plus the software knows who is working, where and for how long.

Compatible Across All Platforms

The airport management software pulls data from all relevant digital platforms, and with employees requesting leave and reporting absence via an app, you are always aware of available resources from a single screen. If you are looking to streamline your business, system integration really does empower you, making your organisation more productive.


Another critical aspect of airport management is scheduling, which uses algorithms to balance the workload with available workers, while also taking into account an employee’s qualifications and abilities. The software incorporated a ‘what if’ feature that allows you to create an imaginary scenario, then it will plan the workforce accordingly, and there’s no limit to the what if scenarios you can conjure up. In the event one of those scenarios becomes a reality, your software has already calculated how best to cope. If you are interested in aviation safety, here is a link to the governing body where you can read the latest safety news regarding all aspects of aviation.

Recording Employee Time & Attendance

The airport management software records the arrival and departure of every employee meaning you can instantly access a particular employee’s attendance, and this data is merged with balancing the workload with the available employees. The system seamlessly integrates with payroll, which saves a lot of your resources, and having access to this data enables the management to make the very best of the available resources.

Managing Employee Leave

Of course, every single employee has their leave, when they can recharge their batteries and return to work full of energy, and the state-of-the-art airport management software can automatically manage employee leave. You could ask all workers to apply online, and based on availability, their leave request can be either approved or rejected, and the employees would have to apply for leave a few months in advance, which makes it easier to balance the workforce to the expected workload.

Without airport management software, a busy airport could not cope with the huge workload, and these systems are designed specifically for managing airports, with powerful features that help the administration in so many ways.