Answering Services for 24 Hour Customer Support

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In business, it’s not enough to sell products and call it a day.  Many people can become your loyal clients when you answer their questions and offer post-purchase support to see if they were satisfied. Some of them may have additional questions about the software they have purchased if you are in the tech industry, and others wanted to know more about the side effects of the cream they are using if you are in the retail niche.

Customer service is a very important part of service provision and retention, so this is something that you should invest in. If you are a big company, answering phone calls 24 hours a day is possible with the right agency’s help. Managers, sales representatives, and directors can’t simply answer the phone all the time, especially if hundreds of customers queue up to talk to somebody about the products and services that you are offering.

This is why a third-party agency with the tools, agents, and supervisors will be the one to manage the calls for you. Answering the phone after business hours and on weekends will also be much appreciated. Here are other things that you should consider if you are thinking about getting a 24-hour answering support.

Why You Need a 24-Hour Phone Answering Service?

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1. Improves Relationships and Retentions

You should never underestimate the time that many consumers are prepared to wait just to get some answers. With your existing clientele, many will call for various reasons, and they will very much appreciate it if they can get a quick response. After about three rings, talking to someone and making changes to their account will make them happy. Picking up the phone quickly will save them time, effort, and money. Know more about the benefits of call centers on this site here.

The answers that they usually need from you will come from the long chain of information they will impart to others. They may be a retail shop that wants to know more about the wholesale prices because they have other clients that are interested on what you are offering. Delays and waiting can give you a frustrating and difficult caller, so it’s best to have a team dedicated to answering the phone immediately.

Sometimes, regardless of the service that you may sometimes provide, if customers think that you don’t respond to their queries at the start of the transaction, you can expect that they will look for other companies that are offering the same service as yours. With a 24-hour answering service, you’ll give them an excellent experience, and you’ll provide a better impression for your company. You can even retain them when they are thinking about leaving.

2. Get More Sales

One of the immediate things that you need to respond to is the inquiries, especially if you are just in the process of establishing your business. If a customer is inquiring, expect that they want to talk to another person right away, and if there’s no one there, they will just go to your competitor to buy. This is considered a “lost lead” that you may not be able to regain.

Even if a potential client leaves a message to the voicemail, they will want to purchase right then and there if there’s a person who can answer their call quickly. You will leave a good impression that your team are hands-on in supporting the whole process.

If people are new to your business, you’ll also get more brownie points if they call and you answer immediately. Especially if they don’t expect that someone will answer the phone lines. An immediate response will help destroy the intrinsic caution or walls that people may naturally have when it comes to parting with their hard-earned income.

It’s common for people to inquire about the product, check them out, and call anyone who can assist them with further information. However, when no one answers their queries, they may get “purchase anxiety,” and decide that they don’t need the product any longer. Learn more about purchase anxiety here: Even if a representative gets in touch with them, they may have to think things through and decide they may need the money on other important things.

3. Boost the Company’s Performance

When you outsource providers for phone handling, you are lightening the burden of your employees as well. Most of them can focus on doing their work since there’s another team that will handle other customer-related concerns. Many issues can be resolved in minutes, and the lines don’t have to be congested.

Even if the resolution is not reached within the day, you will have an agent who can call back your customers and review their issues. This way, the overall result will be more satisfied clients, and there will be improved productivity and a boost in the performance. The employees and the clients will be happier, and the environment will be a proactive one. 

4. Cater Customers from Different Time Zones

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If you operate globally or you are in a country with different time zones, your business can still operate around the clock with a dedicated 24-hour answering service. Many industries that are offering their services online found that they can get global customers in just a matter of days.

If you are into international shipping, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t target customers in Australia, the US, Canada, or the UK. If you are into this industry, it helps if the people will be able to talk to a helpdesk at any time of the day. The clients who have already purchased the products will be able to receive instant support. In this case, you can break into the international markets with different time zones and make a lot of sales in the process.

These are just the benefits that you can get when you get a customer service that’s dedicated to operating the phone lines. You can get more sales, offer post-sale support, answer questions, resolve issues, accept feedback, and interact better with your clients. Your business won’t miss anything, and if there are areas that need to be improved, you can get information about it in the fastest time possible. You can then make the necessary changes in your company and beat the competition.