How Do Personalized Texts Work to Get Higher Conversions in Marketing?

How do personalized texts work in marketing? Personalization enhances the customer experience by offering discounts. Check out for more information. However, getting explicit consent before sending personalized texts is also important. In this article, we’ll explore some of the benefits of personalization and discount offers in marketing and the legalities of text message marketing. You’ll also discover the importance of receiving explicit consent before sending personalized texts to customers.

Personalization enhances the customer experience.

As the digital age advances, the expectations of customers have grown. A good customer experience is now a decisive deciding factor. However, as companies scale, automation may eliminate the human touch—fortunately, many ways to stay connected with your customers and enhance the customer experience. According to a recent Epsilon report, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service if they feel they have been personalized.

One of the most important aspects of personalized marketing is knowing your customers better than your competitors. Personalization helps you tailor your messages to your customers’ interests and preferences, driving better business results. On the other hand, poorly personalized experiences are a turn-off, damaging customer relationships. Hence, building an authentic digital experience that does not lead to offending customers is crucial. Therefore, personalization is a powerful marketing strategy that companies should prioritize.

Discount offers encourage customers to make a purchase.

A discount offer is an effective marketing tool. People are always looking for a good deal, so it makes sense to make a discount offer when possible. This strategy increases checkout rates by 46% and generates buzz for new products. The math behind the discount is simple. Offering a discount on a larger number of products will boost sales by 46%. However, it must be executed correctly.

A discount offer can be very effective if the discounts are accompanied by scarcity and specific wording. Scarcity and discounts have the same effect on consumers. Scarcity and discounts are two powerful factors that encourage shoppers to purchase earlier. As Psychology Today points out, “anticipatory regret” is a huge urgency driver. Clear wording can increase this urge to buy in marketing communications. A discount offer can even entice customers to purchase if a welcome offer accompanies the offer.

The legality of text message marketing

Whether a small business owner or a global corporation, the legality of text message marketing is paramount, violations of these laws can impact your brand’s reputation, negatively affect customer retention, and even result in thousands of dollars in fines. 

Most consumers check their phones within the first thirty minutes of waking up, and 32% choose “immediately.” Likewise, a pandemic outbreak prompts them to check social media, news, and family. Yet, despite the potential risks, people seem willing to read a text if it’s relevant to their needs. This phenomenon may indicate the potential of SMS marketing for higher conversions in marketing.

Importance of explicit consent before sending personalized texts

Before sending personalized texts, marketers must ensure that the recipients have explicitly consented to receive them. To ensure they won’t feel like spammers, they should be mindful of the time and day they send their messages. For example, text messages sent during off-peak hours may intrude on some consumers. Additionally, marketers should include easy opt-out options to discourage unwanted text messages.

While gaining consent from a user is important in marketing, text message marketers need to remember that the same rule applies to email, as email marketers must obtain the explicit consent of their customers to receive text messages. Consent must be explicit and must be provided clearly and conspicuously.