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How Blogger Outreach Can Take Your Business’ Digital Marketing To The Next Level

Blogger outreach can be a great tool for a company of any size to use in their marketing approach. There are plenty of things that outreach can help with including getting content published with a brand mention or a company link. This can help immensely in having a business rank for specific keywords that are associated with the business on search engines. Being able to be in the first few search results can help drive sales as many people do not scroll to the second page of search results. The following are ways that blogger outreach helps SEO and how it can help take a company’s digital marketing to the next level.

Influencer Marketing

Blogger outreach skills can also be applied to influencer marketing as many influencers have some kind of blog. This has been one of the hottest trends in content marketing over the last few years with top influencers making quite a bit of money for themselves and the companies they represent. The most important thing about outreach to these people is standing out as they are pitched very frequently. The influencer also must align with the values of the business otherwise it could end up losing customers.

Creating Lasting Relationships

Blogger outreach can be great for a company that looks to publish on relevant industry sites. Bringing in a popular blogger for a podcast can help expand the listener base as well as create good will with the blogger. Being able to announce a sale or event the company is hosting with a few emails back and forth is extremely valuable. For those in the marketing space having bloggers that are easy to work with can be profitable for years to come for both parties.


Blogger outreach is predominantly used for linkbuilding through guest posting. The most important thing to remember here is to deliver top notch content as otherwise the blogger will deny it. Pitching the right title can lead a blogger to publish a company link without thinking twice as great content is hard to come by. There are some niches that bloggers do not like working with though as gambling, payday loans, and other niches considered sketchy can lead the blog to be penalized by Google.

Brand Mentions

There are going to be certain bloggers that do not want a link back to your company’s homepage but will allow a brand mention. This can also be beneficial and extremely so if the blog is of the highest quality with decent traffic as well as a large social media following. Make sure that you put the brand mention in as naturally as possible as this can be done using a quote or statistics that need to be cited.

As you can see blogger outreach can really set a business’ marketing plan up for success. With this being said it can be quite tedious so you have to have a very motivated person doing the outreach. Luckily there are plenty of companies that will have no issue helping out!

Email Marketing

Reaching out to bloggers via emails is the most professional way. Emails can be used for building bridges with bloggers, agreeing on guest postings, and creating longlasting relationships. Doing all that manually is time-consuming, searching for those who still haven’t replied to you and sending follow-up emails to them will take you forever and a day. Which is why you’d better take advantage of email marketing automation tools like drip campaigns. Thanks to their features, the created email sequence will be sent automatically and only when you receive a reply from the person, the email campaign stops and you can go on with personal face-to-face communication.