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Home Security Systems vs. Smart Home Systems

When you are shopping for a home security system, security, convenience, and ease of use are certainly key considerations. A smart home system, on the other hand, is mostly for convenience.  Yet, it is possible to integrate the two and have a home security system that has smart features, or a smart home system that has basic security features.

The choice for a home security system or a smart home system really boils down to what you want as an individual. If your concern is security, then a home security system is what you need. However, if you want aspects like remote temperature control, remote opening and closing of the doors, remote control of your home entertainment system among others, then you will want the smart home system.

Understanding the Home Security System

The home security system has, due to technological improvements, undergone positive changes. You no longer have to depend on an expert to install the system. With a Do-it-Yourself (DIY)  kit, in less than an hour, you can have your system set up.

A typical home security system will have a hub, battery backup, cellular radio, sensors for the doors or windows, and a motion sensor. You also have the opportunity to add other components like a secondary keypad, remote key fob, vibration or glass break sensors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, water leak sensors, and a security camera, just to name a few add-ons.

Understanding the Smart Home System

Smart home systems are the intermediary between the smart home devices and the home network. They help coordinate scheduling, device interaction, and automation.

The smart home system will allow you to control certain aspects of your house remotely. Some of the features of smart home systems include smart bulbs, smart plugs that allow you to control lamps, fans, heaters, among others. They also have motion sensors which will trigger the lamps to light,  smart thermostats, smart speakers, digital assistants, among others.

Additional optional features include smart locks, in-wall switches, fan controllers, garage door opener, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, surveillance camera, water leak sensors, window shades, and sprinklers among others.

Setting up a hub to control the functions is important, especially if you want to keep on adding different smart elements to your home. Having a single app to control everything makes it more convenient for you.

Comparing Home Security Systems and Smart Home Systems


You can decide to do the monitoring on your own, or using the monitoring companies. If you opt for the company, you will have to factor in a subscription fee. However, they have a dedicated team to do the monitoring and alert you or the police, in case of a breach.

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Technology is rapidly evolving, and one of the key parameters for its success is how easy it is to use. Home security systems have moved away from requiring an expert to install them, to simple Do-It-Yourself kits.  So whether you are using a home security system or smart home system, it is possible to install them on your own.


Depending on the budget you have, you can buy a system that is quite basic, but one which allows you to upgrade at a later stage. This applies to both the home security and smart home system.

When you are shopping for a security or smart system, buy from suppliers who will not try to lock you in. You should be able to shop around for what you need, without fearing that it will not integrate with the system you have.  If you find a supplier insisting that you have to buy the add-ons from them, avoid that vendor completely, because it will limit you in terms of what you can do with your system.

Home Security Systems vs. Smart Home Systems; which is better

It really comes down to what you as an individual wants.  You can have a home security system that supports some basic smart functions, for instance controlling the thermostat or switching on and off lights. You may not get all the fun aspects as you would with a smart home system, but you can still be able to achieve some smart functions depending on the add-ons.

The same goes for having a smart home system, which can give you basic security functionality. By picking a home system that allows you to integrate sensors, a siren, and professional monitoring, you will be able to enjoy the security feature from your smart home system.

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Final Thoughts

When looking at Home Security Systems vs. Smart Home Systems, there is really none that trumps the other. It all comes down to what functionality you are looking for, and whether you can get it from either one of the systems.

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