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Dressing Up For Your Next Sporting Event

If you’re looking to take a gorgeous date to the next game, you don’t want to show up in gym shorts and face paint.  There are different ways to enjoy being a spectator, and you may not always want to get wild. 

For a more subdued and refined version of game night, dressing the part is a huge piece of the puzzle.  Take a moment to check out a few helpful tips for dressing up for your next sporting event, and start getting high scores for your style.  

Choosing the right shirt

A good shirt can make or break your whole outfit.  When choosing a shirt for a more upscale game experience, the graphic tee shirts are immediately out of play.  Head more towards the hang-up shirts in your closet.  

A nice solid v-neck t-shirt goes well, or you can wear a collared button-up shirt with the sleeves nicely rolled up on your forearm.  If you’re a guy who sweats a lot, find a good breathable material, or wear an undershirt to minimize the sweat spots.  

Your pants matter too

Pants are just as important as your shirt choice, and gym shorts are not going to convey the right message.  Step up your game with a nice, form-fitting pair of jeans or some rich colored chinos.  

Match the style of your pants with the shirt you chose, of course, but get classy with your options.  Shy away from khaki colored pants, as they speak too plain of a message. 

Don’t quit on your shoes

Don’t stop the style before you make it to your shoes and socks.  Black socks are always a good thing, unless you’re wearing a brown shoe.  Long socks are always good, unless you’re wearing high cuffed pants. 

Try the look of a brown desert boot with socks that aren’t visible to add a little spice to your sleek style.  Also, don’t underestimate the power of socks to ruin a good look, so choose wisely.  

Think about accessories

You may feel like accessories are for women, but that’s where you would be wrong.  A nice wrist watch can add a lot to your refined style.  

A solitary chain or long strung pendant is a great addition to your neck.  If you’re the kind of guy who likes to wear ball caps, this is one of the times when it would be okay.  

Always smell your best 

Smelling good is a huge part of tying the whole look together.  Your aesthetic will be pleasing on the eyes, and your smell will be pleasing on the nose.  If you’re on a date, smelling nice will be especially beneficial.  Don’t pour on the cologne, but shower and spritz before heading out the door.