Can’t afford a GoPro Gimbal? Witty ways to still get stable shots

If you are using a DSLR, cinema cameras or even smartphone, you can find endless equipment that will help you to take stable shots. There are endless ranges of image stabilization tools available in the market that will help you to get the proper shot that is free from any shake. And if you are using an adventure camera such as GoPro, then you will get various GoPro accessories that will allow you to get a stabilized shot such as the STABiLGO, EasyGimbal or the Morpheus which will allow you to take stabilized shots.

Gimbals are one of the best tools that will allow you to take stable footage. But, Gimbals are meant for taking steady shots easily. They are not necessary for taking steady shots. There are few tips and tricks which one can utilize for taking steady shots easily.

Tips for taking steady shots without Gimbal

If you are a beginner, the best way for you to take a steady shot is by using a lens that is equipped with image stabilization options. Since you can’t use an extra lens with a GoPro, so, the best choice for you to take a steady shot by using a Gimbal. But, there are ways which you can utilize for taking steady shots without a Gimbal such as:

  • Using filters:

Most of the time, if you are shooting a video or taking pictures without using a filter, then even the smallest mistakes will be highlighted. But, if you use a filter, then you can easily hide the minor flaws of the photos or videos behind the filter. Filters are one of the best tricks that will help you to take decent pictures and even videos. Some of the best filters that you can use in your GoPro camera are:

Neutral Density Filters: The natural density filters, which is also known as the ND filters are one of the most used filters. It helps you to capture motion blur as it lowers down the shutter speed of the camera. This will allow you to take a brilliant steady picture without using a Gimbal.

Circular Polarizer Filters: This is one of the best filters of a GoPro camera that allows you to take decent shots while retaining the original color of the picture by removing glares. The CPL adds more amount of contrast to the picture which helps in taking brighter photos of the skies by making the sky appear bluer.  And suing this filter also reduces the amount of glare which happens when you take pictures of reflective surfaces such as water, ice or any glass objects. 

  • Held it against your head

The head is one of the most stable parts of your body. If you held the GoPro against your head, you could get the best stable shots. 

GoPro allows you to take wide-angle photos and are best known for their image stabilizing options. So, if you don’t have a Gimbal the next time, make sure you are following the above tricks to get stabilized shots.