Can an Office Fitout Motivate Your Staff?

A recent study in the UK found that nearly a third of all employees aren’t motivated in the workplace. They come into their jobs and just go through the motions until their shift has finished and they are ready to go home. An office fitout doesn’t just attract new customers, it is highly beneficial for members of your staff. The right renovations can motivate, empower and engage disinterested workers.

Careful Consideration – Renovating your office doesn’t just involve swapping a few desks and chairs around, you must take a number of factors into consideration. If you are thinking of refurbishing the workplace, you should contact experts in office fitouts in Canberra. They know how to design an office layout that is tailored to your employee’s needs. Their designs ensure your employees thrive, bringing the best out of them on a regular basis.

Creating Flexibility & Autonomy – There are many ways to improve your office layout, to get the most out of your employees, you should implement a design that provides them with flexibility and autonomy. When employees have more options, they take responsibility for their actions and productivity increases. Job satisfaction will improve when your workforce feels valued.

Healthy Balance – Work shouldn’t be just about work; you must create an environment which promotes a balance. If employees feel like they can take a break at any time and interact with other members of staff, they tend to be more productive and engaging. An office fitout gives you the opportunity to create a balanced setting.

Home from Home – The workplace should feel like a home from home, with areas designed to allow employees to relax and blow off some steam. Some of the most progressive multinational companies in the world have social spaces that include massage chairs, music and games. People need to connect, so you must have an environment that encourages it.

Communication – This is vitally important in the workplace, if staff cannot meet up in a common area to talk, your business will suffer. When you hire an office fitout team, speak to them about creating a social area that allows workers to converse throughout the day. This can be done by including a social room or by lowering office dividing walls and letting employees talk.

Environmental Design – We all know that natural light helps us to work better, your employees may not be getting enough of this in their current setting. Renovating your office space gives you the chance to increase the amount of natural light exposure, improve air quality and reduce outside noise pollution. Plenty of natural light is fundamental to employee experience and wellbeing, boosting energy levels and improving concentration. You can also look at bringing nature into the workplace by adding plants and water features.

There is no doubt that a professional office renovation will help to motivate your employees. Their work environment is crucial, deciding to refurbish the office is a great way of keeping them happy and engaged. During the project, you can also speak to staff members to see what could be improved in their specific area.