A Guide to Virtual Party Planning

The year is 2021, and by now it’s safe to say we’re all a little more experienced in living life through the lens of videoconferencing. This trend started out of necessity, but is now a key part of relationships and keeping people connected. Some things, like parties, can still be a little intimidating to organize over apps like Zoom or Google Hangouts, but the process can be less stressful with these easy steps and useful tools.


Pick a Theme and Create a Guest List

These first two steps go hand in hand. The reason for the party will lead you to the guest list. Is it a family Christmas? A baby shower? A girls’ night with friends around the world? Your answer to this question also leads into choosing a theme, which might seeem unnecessary, but actually creates a sense of unity and investment into the party. Not to mention that themes are fun!


Poll the Audience

It’s important to remember that everyone’s lives are a little different nowadays, so ask your guests for feedback during the planning process. A great toll for polls is Doodle. This is especially important for choosing a date and time for your virtual party.


Send Invitations

Once the results of your poll are in and you’ve selected a date and time for your virtual party, it’s time for invitations. The best method for a virtual party is an e-vite. Websites like Paperless Post help you create beautiful invitations that will bring some happiness to your guests’ inboxes. They also help you manage the event by keeping track of RSVPs, and they give your guests an easy link to click on when it’s time to join the party.


Plan Something Fun

No matter what kind of party you’re hosting, an easy way to make the day of your guests is to arrange for a gift exchange. We could all use a little joy in our lives and organizing gift exchanges has never been easier with the help of websites like Elfster. Think of conversation topics or games you can play that are mostly discussion based. There are also some gaming platforms that are made specifically for virtual parties like Jackbox Games, if you want something more interactive than a discussion.


Get Organized

Now that the set up for the party is done, you can start to prepare an outline for the party. Videoconferencing can be awkward at times, so it’s important that you be organized and thoughtful when creating your outline. Here are a couple important things to remember when you’re creating your outline.

  • Time Constraints – You don’t want to have too much or too little planned for your party.
  • Roll Call – Have a list of guests that will be attending the party that you can reference to make sure everyone is on before you get started with fun activities. Use this list to also “call on” your guests when it’s time for gift exchanges or to answer questions for your games.

Last Minute Checks

It’s is always a good idea to do a run-through of your technology a few minutes before your party begins. This gives you the chance to check your connection, look for bugs or kinks in your plan, and check on things like lighting and the background of your video. Being confident in your preparation will allow you to kick back and relax with your loved ones once the party begins.


If you’ve followed along with this guide, then the only step left is to enjoy your virtual party!