A Beginner’s Guide to Motorcycle Gear

There’s so much to learn when first getting into motorcycling. 

Of course, most people just want to purchase their bikes and hit the open road. While clear steps need to take place first, such as learning how to ride, some steps may be less obvious. Motorcycle handles are much different than steering wheels of a car. There are many areas you need to become an expert in to ensure your safety.

Finding the proper motorcycle gear is one of those areas. 

While there’s nothing quite like being out in the open while riding, being out in the open, with no seat belt attached and a smaller vehicle, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. Proper gear can help keep you protected if an accident occurs.

Good motorcycle gear can provide extra protection if an accident happens, but it can also protect you from the sun, precipitation, wind, noise, and debris.

For extra support, every rider should wear a helmet, jacket, pants, boots, and gloves.


We’ve mentioned how important a helmet is already, but that’s because helmets literally save lives.

To further prove that point, we want to highlight three facts (via the CDC):

  • “Helmets saved an estimated 1,859 lives in 2016”
  • “Helmets reduce the risk of death by 37%”
  • “Helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 69%”

A quality helmet will provide plenty of protection and be comfortable for the rider. It’s important that your visibility isn’t affected too much as that alone could lead to an accident or poor driving. We encourage riders to try on as many helmets as possible before deciding on one to ensure they’re getting the best fit.

Jacket and pants

A quality leather jacket alone can offer abrasion resistance and won’t melt under extreme friction. Our hope is that you never have to encounter an accident, but we do believe you should wear as much protective gear as possible just in case. You might be a good driver, but motorcycles are harder to see than other vehicles and, unfortunately, not everyone is paying attention 100 percent of the time on the road.

Motorcycle jackets and pants can provide an extra layer of protection, to say the least.


Sneakers might feel more comfortable to some people, but boots will provide more protection. They can also help you better grip the bike as they’re literally made for motorcycles. On top of that, boots can protect you from the elements and many are waterproof.


While the helmet gets all of the attention, as it should, gloves for motorcycle riders are essential. Chaparral Motorsports is one of the top motorcycle parts retailers in the country and the perfect place to find the right pair of gloves for your rides. They sell parts, accessories, and clothing for motorcycle, ATC, UTV, and motocross riders in San Bernardino, CA as well as online nationwide.

Gloves, of course, can provide extra protection in case of a fall. Waterproof gloves can make it easier to grip the handlebar if it rains. Heated gloves will keep your hands warm in colder weather and at night.

Like the other gear mentioned above, it’s important to try on your gloves before making a purchase to ensure they’ll provide what you need for your rides as well as be comfortable so you can still grip the handlebar and hit all of the controls.

While it’s not exactly motorcycle gear, if you’re going on a long road trip, we also recommend riders to pack a first aid kit and a tire repair kit.

Safety is a top priority when riding, which is why riders should wear high-quality helmets, jackets, pants, boots, and gloves on all rides.