7 Top Benefits to Reading on a Kindle

Have you been thinking of investing in buying a Kindle to download and read books? Perhaps your friends, coworkers or family members can’t stop raving about how great they are. 

Reading on a Kindle is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Booklovers enjoy scrolling through book websites like Amazon and many others looking for the fiction and non-fiction titles they want to read. 

In this post, you’ll discover exactly what a Kindle is, how it works and the major benefits of reading on a Kindle.

7 Advantages of Reading On a Kindle

Here are seven good reasons why you should consider getting a Kindle. This article will help you decide if investing in a Kindle is right for you.

So, What Exactly Is a Kindle?

The Kindle is the top e-book reader on the market. It’s made by Amazon and provides book lovers with thousands of books to read and then some.

The price of reading on Kindle costs less than buying a printed book like a paperback or hardcover. And it’s not unusual to find websites that offer free Kindle books. How often do you find that in a bookstore!

How Does Reading on a Kindle Work?

The Kindle device works with a Wi-Fi internet connection to download an abundance of texts to read. Once they’re downloaded, you can read them offline.

You can download thousands of books and publications in a digital format: books, newspapers, magazines and other reading material formats. You can locate a wide selection of books on an Amazon Kindle. 

A Kindle looks like a tablet. You can get it in a white or black case. It’s very light in weight which makes it easy to carry around.

Kindles come in a variety of models and prices depending on the size of the screen and the amount of storage.

How Many Books Can Be Stored on a Kindle?

A Kindle can store between 4 gigabytes (about 3,000 books) to up to 32GB of storage — that’s eight times more books! 

Tons of Features

The Kindle comes with a wide array of features. It’s travel-friendly and portable. If you want to read something that is not in Kindle format, you can send it as an attachment to a particular email address and have it sent to your Kindle. 

Around the holidays and birthdays, many books can be downloaded as gifts. And online stores sell gift cards to purchase. This way, you’ll never buy a person a book they don’t like.

The person who receives the gift card can download the books or publications they want to read without having to drive to a bookstore.

Books can be downloaded on computers or a Kindle. They can also be synced through different electronic devices.

The good thing is even when you have an older Kindle model, it won’t be outdated. The company offers its line of books for every model, new or old.

Games and Apps on Kindle

Other than books, Kindle readers can download several apps and games like crossword puzzles, card games, and other forms of entertainment.

The device is compatible with a variety of formats, including PDF, TXT, AZW, and MOBI.

All Kindles can download and read audiobooks. These can be purchased through online stores such as Amazon’s Audible app that carries many categories of audiobooks.

These are great to listen to in the car or while you’re getting ready for school or work.

Beyond Features: Seven Benefits of Reading on a Kindle

Kindle has great features. But what’s really great are its benefits.

1. Easy to Access Thousands of Books for Less Money

Ever go to a library or a bookstore and can’t find a book on the shelves? You wait in line for a reference librarian or bookseller to wait on you to find what you’re looking for. Sometimes the line is long because they’re short-staffed.

Then the librarian or bookstore representative can’t find the book in the computer or catalog. Or tells you they don’t have it, but they can order it and send it to your home in a couple of days.

But honestly, who wants to wait! With a kindle, you can purchase the book you want to read right now. This is a great benefit in our world of instant gratification. 

Plus, on a kindle, books cost less. Booksellers can charge less because they don’t have the overhead and the cost for printing.

This means less paper, which is also better for the environment and they don’t have to pay printing employees and costs.

2. Kindles Are Easy on the Eyes 

You know how much strain staring at computers can put on your eyes. Bright LED screens give people headaches when they’ve been staring at a computer screen for too long.

Unlike computer screens, the Kindle device uses a muted light grey background with dark grey text. The Kindle’s graphics are also made in grayscale.

The fact that the device doesn’t contain an LCD-based backlight makes it easier on the eyes causing decreasing eye strain that you’d get reading from a laptop or computer. 

To add, the backlighting on the Kindle enables you to read in a dark room without disturbing someone nearby. This way if you’re lying next to your spouse who is sleeping, it won’t bother them.

Less Blue Light Exposure

You might have heard about the dangers of blue light exposure. Blue light emits its light rays from cell phones, laptops, and computers. Some people have reported that it can affect their sleep patterns.

This light affects our melatonin, reduces our chances of sleeping soundly, and impacts sleep quality.

Since the Kindle was not created using blue light. it doesn’t emit the rays as many other electronic devices do. This way, it doesn’t affect your melatonin levels or impacts your sleep quality.

3. Fits in Your Purse or Pocket

Most Kindles are around six inches. The small size makes them easily portable and convenient to carry in a purse, handbag or pocket.

This makes it easier on your back and shoulders than having to carry a bunch of heavy books in a large bag. Some Kindles have a hand strap which makes it easier to carry and find in your purse.

4. Comes With a Built-in Dictionary

You know the importance of learning the meaning of a word to understand the context of a sentence or paragraph.

With regular books, we have to put down the book and look up words meanings. But with a Kindle, you’ll never have to put your book aside because the device comes with its own dictionary built right into it.

All you have to do is move the cursor over the word or phrase to get the definition.

This function makes the device a great vocabulary-building tool, It enables both kids and adults to strengthen their vocabularies and be better readers and writers. This can help improve grades and SAT scores.

You can also highlight certain points on a Kindle, make notes and share texts with other users or yourself later. Just send articles from your browser in just one click to send it to a friend or to read later.

Another benefit is the device remembers the spot where you left off reading. The next time you turn it on, the Kindle will restore to the last page you visited before you turned off the device.

5. It’s Simple to Scroll Through Text

Another benefit of reading on a Kindle is it’s so easy to scroll through text. The scrolling function allows you to locate certain words and phrases in a book or to find your place just by typing words into the search engine.

You can also format Word documents on your Kindle. This function is useful for publishers and authors to skim through works and recheck for errors.

This helps professionals create more quality works as they can easily erase mistakes, repeated words and make edits on the device.

6. You Can Browse the Internet

The Kindle is capable of limited web browsing. You can view text, read your favorite blog posts, read news sites and online wikis.

You can also keep personal documents with you, keeping them all in one place. This helps students and business professionals on-the-go when they need to access an important document in a pinch.

7. Takes Up Little Space

If you’re a big reader and like to buy books, you know how much space your books in bookcases can take up in your house or apartment. But with a kindle, you’ll conserve more floor and wall space in your home.

To add, your home will look neater because you won’t have as many books strewn along the floor, cluttering up your desk or covering your nightstand. This makes it easier to keep your living space neat and organized.

The Takeaway on Reading on a Kindle

Now you know the major benefits of reading on a Kindle. If you’re a book lover and love to read publications, you might find buying a Kindle to be your next smartest purchase.

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