7 Simple Safety Precautions to Take if You Want a More Secure Home

Few things offer more satisfaction than the pride of ownership that you get from purchasing a home.

However, odds are that the home doesn’t check off all the boxes you have in mind for its final form.

Even if it was your dream home that you bought, there can still be things such as security features that you’re looking to incorporate into it. These features will be the first line of defense for your family from the outside world and all its craziness.

Because of that, you’ll want to place a premium on installing simple safety precautions.

We asked people who do legal writing jobs and here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Optimize the Doors

Seeing as how the doors to your home are someone’s main way in or out, you’ll want to prioritize them first.

As you may well know, a simple lock on the door isn’t enough to keep unwanted guests out of your house.

First off, if your door doesn’t have a deadbolt on it, that should be the first thing you install to it after making sure the door frame is strong. Refrain from using doors with mail slots or doggy doors.

Also, if you’ve just moved in then change the door locks right away. This ensures no previous owner of your home has keys to it.

Looking to incorporate modern technology into your home? Installing things like a video doorbell or security system (more on that in a bit) will help deter burglars.

2. Have Personal Protection Ready

It’s always smart to have some sort of weapon safely secured in your house, should someone enter it. 

Not many gun owners in America desire to ever have to use that weapon. But it gives them peace-of-mind and a broader sense of security to their family.

Be sure you’re properly trained on how to use it and have a gun safe that’s equal to the task to store it in.

For more techniques like this, check this home safety guide and open your mind to more ideas on home security.

3. Security System

Did you know that there are 4,300 home burglaries that happen every single day?

While you’d like to think a burglary will never happen to you, it’s important to always be prepared just in case. Installing a home security system can be a great way to protect yourself.

Even in the event that a burglar attempts a break-in, the security system will repel them and send them heading for the hills.

A security system may be one of the first new installments you’ll want to make to your new home, to set the standard from the very start.

4. Keep Your Windows Locked

Other than the door, your home’s windows are a burglar’s preferred way of entering your home.

Make sure that your windows are always locked when not in use. Stress this to your kids that may open the window to your room. 

There are also some clever tricks, such as adding thorn bushes under your windows, to prevent a burglar from using them. Not only are they painful, but they’re also noisy.

The previously-mentioned security system can be added to all home windows as well, for a boost in security.

5. Keep the Home Well-Lit

One way that you can protect your home at night without adding features is to ensure it’s always well-lit. 

Burglars won’t be keen on entering a house where their motion will be seen in the light. It makes them much more vulnerable to being caught.

Take a walk around your house one night and make a note of any area you think could use a bit more lighting. If there’s a spot in your house without light, a burglar will know how to take advantage of it.

Make sure you’re setting you and your family up with security in the form of decent lighting all hours of the night. 

There are also motion detectors that you can purchase and install. Anytime they detect motion, the light will come on and illuminate the spot to catch them off guard. This is also helpful for keeping raccoons out of your trash.

6. Care for Your Garage

A growing amount of burglars are prioritizing breaking into a garage, instead of actually breaking into the house. 

There’s far less risk of them being caught and they’ll gain access to the valuable tools and belongings you keep stored in it. 

refrain from using garage doors with windows on them, and be sure to cover up the windows if you already have them. Other than that, try to develop good habits of check the garage door is closed and all doors to it are locked throughout the night.

7. Build Relationships with Your Neighbors

One of the best security systems that you can add to your home is the community of neighbors around you.

This doesn’t mean you have to become best friends and invite them all over for the holidays. 

Make sure to build relationships with them and let them know you’re all in this thing together. You’ll keep an eye on their property and they’ll return the favor. If they see any suspicious activity, they’ll call the cops for you or check in on you.

Start with These Simple Safety Tips

Rome wasn’t built in one day. Now that you see the importance of more security for your home, you can start to take baby steps towards it.

Start by integrating some of these simple safety tips and look for more areas to improve as you go.

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