Common Coffee Machine Issues That Could Ruin Your Morning

Common Coffee Machine Issues That Could Ruin Your Morning

If you’re fortunate enough to have a coffee machine become a regular part of your morning routine, then you need to be fortunate enough to learn how to fix it when something goes wrong. Coffee machines are convenient and they give us fresh coffee brewed every morning but unlike all other home appliances they are a little bit difficult to fix. Coffee machines can and do have malfunctions from time to time but unlike a toaster or a kettle, require a little more oomph to fix.

The good news is that there are fixes out there that you can use, from finding the right Kunkle Valve to getting your machine fixed by a professional, you can sort the minor issues before you have to have your coffee replaced fully. Let’s take a look at some common coffee machine issues that could really ruin your morning.

Common Coffee Machine Issues That Could Ruin Your Morning

  1. The water just isn’t flowing. It doesn’t matter whether your coffee machine is the drip type or the single serve type; you need to make sure that you have water flooring through it. Check the water tank is in the right place, and make sure that you have a good air flow and not air suction. There may also be a calcium build up in the valves and tubes, which is where you may need a new valve.
  2. The heating element has worn out. You want a cup of hot coffee in the morning, unless you are purposely choosing a cold frappe. There are some moments, though, that mean you cannot access a hot coffee and one of those reasons could be the coffee machine heating element having worn right out. You can’t always fix this at home, however, so you might need to make sure that you have it officially fixed by the people who made the coffee machine.
  3. It’s leaking all over the place. You need your coffee going into the cup, not all over the kitchen counter. Leakage is a common issue, so if you find yourself in a position where your coffee isn’t dispensing correctly, the reservoir tray may not be fitted properly or the seal has worn right out. If this happens, you need to check all of the pipes for any blockages and flush it all through with water and vinegar mix.
  4. The brewing process is not happening the right way. It’s super frustrating when your morning coffee just tastes like water and becomes completely flavorless. You can improve the brewing process, though. By changing out the water and ensuring that the machine is clean, you can make sure that your coffee brews the way that it’s supposed to.
  5. Your machine is making a weird noise. Coffee machines are supposed to make noise while they brew, but they’re not supposed to screech and grind otherwise. If you notice your machine is making undue noise, then it’s going to need either fixing or replacement. 

Coffee is a luxury you deserve. Make sure that your machine is running and you’re good to go.