5 ways to recognize a good affiliate marketing network

If you´re investing your time, energy and skills in online projects, it´s understandable that you want your effort to be monetized by some sort of returns. One of most common, convenient and perspective options you have is getting involved with affiliate marketing. However, trying to do it all by yourself can prove to be too time consuming and uncertain, especially if you lack previous experiences with this sort of business. The same applies to advertisers who are looking for capable partners to promote and boost their business in exchange for commission. Where do they meet? Ideally, they connect through some professional affiliate marketing network that´s able to manage their partnership in the most professional and safe manner. How can you say a good affiliate network from a bad one? Here are 5 signs to watch for.

  1. Physical office or possibility to meet in person

In this complicated maze of virtual businesses, it´s very hard to tell if you´re really dealing with a real and accountable physical company. But you shouldn´t underestimate this aspect as it might be very tricky to resolve some more delicate situations with a company that turns out to exist only on paper. One possible way how to sort this out is to check for some signs of a company´s real-life existence. Of course, it´s often impossible to visit it´s address in person, but there are some other ways around. One of good signs is if you´re able to communicate with some real persons behind this company. Even better is if they are present on some of affiliate marketing seminars and summits among other reputable companies. How to know this? Rest assured that good companies would proudly present this fact on their websites.    

  1. Transparent conditions and thorough guidance

Affiliate networks should be profoundly designed in order to help especially those, who are only at the very beginning of their affiliate careers. Therefore, you have all the right in the world to expect clear, thorough, detailed instructions and guidance throughout each step of the process. Good affiliate marketing network won´t wait until you come up with some question or problem. You should be actively approached by someone who is going to act as your contact person whenever you need assistance. Another great resource of knowledge is blog written directly by company´s experts. You should be able to learn all insiders tricks from there and watch your business thrive.

  1. Thoughtful optimization system

Process of connecting marketers with fresh advertisement offers that suit their possibilities and needs is a complicated matter. Lamely standardized networks use oversimplified algorithms that account with very few variables, resulting in unfitting and weakly targeted suggestions. Unfortunately, it´s almost impossible to see this from the outside. But once you´re already registered for some time and keep getting ridiculous proposals, it´s time to reconsider your network´s professionalism.

  1. Clear payment arrangements and security

Let´s make something clear – no affiliate marketers started with this business just for pure fun. More or less, it´s always about the revenues. Good affiliate marketing networks never keep you in void when it comes to payment. In fact, you should know exactly how, when and how much are you going to be paid even before you register. Another thing that should never be underestimated is your level of security – whether we´re talking about secured payments or fraudulent advertisers, who should be eliminated from the network even before you get any chance to stumble upon them. After all, without this increased sense of security, why would you even need any affiliate network to stand in between you and the advertiser?  

  1. And something more…

Aside from all necessary qualities described above, good affiliate marketing company always has some special perks for its loyal members. For example, what would you say about 1,000 dollars as a welcome bonus? This particular (and extremely tempting) bonus is provided by a premium CPA network TopOffers currently operating in 45 countries around the world. Join TopOffers today and claim it.