5 Important Ways Technology is Improving the Hospitality Industry

Hotels are quickly upgrading their technology to provide a better experience for guests. Touchscreens have become one of the most important aspects of hospitality, as they are now being used in many different ways throughout hotels. From guest rooms to front desks, touchscreens are becoming an integral part of the hotel experience. Touchscreen technology is not only a great way to create a unique experience for guests, but it is also very convenient and efficient. In this article, we are going to discuss the many different positive ways touch screens are being used in hotels.


  1. Front Desk Services

The first and perhaps the most important way touch screens are improving hospitality is through front desk services. Touchscreens at check-in and check-out have become very common in many hotels. They allow guests to quickly enter their information into a computer without waiting for an employee to input it manually, which can be pretty time-consuming. Guests can also use the touchscreen to sign for their room, print out documents they need during their stay, and even check out of their rooms if necessary.


  1. Guest Room Services

Another essential aspect of touchscreens in hotels is how they are being used to improve guest rooms. While most guests might not think about it, there are many features that a touchscreen can control throughout the hotel room. Guests have access to their individualized profiles through a profile screen on the TV or through an interactive door lock system. Guests can also use the touchscreen to control lighting in their room, adjust the temperature, and more. If they need additional amenities like toothbrushes or towels, guests simply have to place an order on the touchscreen for them to be delivered.


  1. Hotel Amenities

Not only are touchscreens being used to control features in the guest room, but they can also be found throughout hotel amenities. For example, at a spa or gym, guests have access to touchscreen controls that allow them to adjust various aspects of their experience. They can order products through an interactive kiosk, check out their progress on fitness equipment, and even place an order for a smoothie or cup of coffee. This not only enhances the guest experience but can also result in increased revenue as guests are more likely to purchase items at their convenience vs. waiting around for someone to serve them.


  1. Concierge Services

Touchscreens are also being used to enhance concierge services. Guests can use the touchscreen to check out menus, make reservations at different restaurants, and even order a car service or shuttle if needed. This makes it extremely convenient for guests to get recommendations from staff members as well as book dinner reservations during their stay without ever scheduling an appointment.


  1. Marketing and Advertising

Lastly, touchscreens help the hotel industry enhance its marketing techniques and strategies. Guests can easily access information about hotel amenities or promotions through an interactive screen in the lobby. This allows them to learn more about what the hotel has to offer, which enhances their experience while also increasing revenue for the business as guests will be able to book additional amenities or services through the touchscreen.


It’s no doubt that touchscreen technology is changing the hospitality industry in various ways that add convenience and efficiency for guests. Touchscreens provide hotels with opportunities to enhance the guest experience, improve revenue through sales and marketing, and create unique experiences through technology.