5 Excellent Apps For Your Next Home Renovation

5 Excellent Apps For Your Next Home Renovation

Renovating your home takes vision, and not everyone has the skill to design a Martha Stewart quality home.  The good news is that technology is here to help.

There are numerous apps available that will help guide you through various steps and choices you’ll have to make as you walk through the process of renovating your home.

Whether you work from an Android, Apple, Amazon, or Microsoft device, there’s an app that will work for you.  Take a few moments now to check out some of the most excellent apps for your home renovation, and start planning today.


MagicPlan is an app that works with images of your actual home.  You first upload several pictures of your home from your phone.  The app then gathers data from the images you provide.

Users can then use the information to digitally add different things to the floorplan, changing it a bit. MagicPlan is said to have a 95 percent precision rate when adding items such as doors or windows to a given floorplan.

When you’re ready to hire a contractor for your home renovation, you can come to them fully prepared.  This app could help you derive a thorough plan before ever talking to a contractor.


Handy is a good friend of the DIY remodeler.  It works a little like the popular ridesharing apps out there, except it deals in matters of remodeling.

You can get on the app and hire a professional to be at your place in no time.  You can find electricians, cleaners, and even an all-around handyman with just a few clicks of a button.


Decorating is a crucial part of your remodel process.  You may not be a star designer, but Adornablly can give you the tools you need to create the spaces you need to feel comfortable in your home.

With the Adornably app in your hand, you can actually see different design ideas come to life before you ever spend a dime on materials.  Let technology support your creativity in your remodel, and make the most of your adventure.


When you need to buy flooring or paint for a space, you have to know how much space you have to cover.  Instead of using a series of tape measures all around the room, get the RoomScan app.

RoomScan is simple to use.  You just have to hold your phone against each wall in a room, and the app will take the data to create a digital scaled floor plan for you.  You can even use the app to plan out new door or window additions.


One of the most challenging decisions you’ll make when you’re on your remodeling journey is paint color.  Choosing the right paint colors can be a painstaking task when you’re working hard to get everything just perfect.

TapPainter helps solve the paint debacle.  Like a lot of the other remodeling apps, it works with pictures you take of the space you are remodeling.  Take pictures, then tap on a wall and choose a color.