5 Dangers of Not Using Safety Blankets

Are you thinking of buying safety blankets?

Despite the total number of fires going down by 2.5% last year, we can still feel its dangerous effects. We can see its effects on the environment and on human life, too. What’s great is that people can adapt to prepare themselves for such disasters.

Products like safety blankets and fire shields are developed to save human lives. It lessens the dangers of hazards that fire can cause to infrastructure. They’re important enough that you should always have one with you no matter where you are.

Read on and learn the dangers you could find yourself in if you don’t have such a blanket on hand.

1. Out of Control Fires

Fire blankets are useful should a fire grow out of control. They are useful for putting out small fires and they’re easy to use. When you spot fire in a small area all you need to do place the fire blanket on the area and it will put out the fire.

Not having one means that you won’t be able to stop a fire from growing out of control. This often happens when people go out camping. It can cause tons of damages and even the lives of some people if you don’t have one with you.

2. Hypothermia

Putting out fires is not the only use of safety blankets. In case of cold weather, safety blankets can save your life as it’s an excellent item for retaining heat. These types of safety blankets block exposure to cold weather while retaining body heat inward.

These types of safety blankets are Mylar hypothermia blankets. You see them on emergency responses as they wrap this thin blanket on fire victims. They are perfect for retaining body heat and limiting the effects of shock after a trauma.

3. Contact With Volatile Material

When working in laboratories you can expect to find volatile liquids. These liquids can easily catch on fire and a hazard to the workplace but also to the people in the building. These types of safety blankets prevent contact with volatile liquids that can cause a fire.

These types of safety blankets are known as insulation blankets and shield. They’re built to protect equipment and employees from harsh operating conditions. Also, they are good insulation and safety solutions for processing plants and oil platforms.

4. Inhaling Dangerous Fumes

As mentioned above, these blankets can deprive a small flame of any oxygen. This means that they’re also air-tight to a degree. This means that it prevents you from inhaling any dangerous fumes if you have one on.

Not using one during a fire means that you’re likely to pass out from the fumes. Fires produce a lot of carbon monoxide, and too much of this can be lethal. Passing out in the middle of a fire is also dangerous for obvious reasons.

5. Third-Degree Burns

Not only are these blankets great at preventing heat from escaping, as mentioned above, they’re also good at preventing heat from reaching you. Covering yourself with a blanket as you run through a burning building means you prevent getting third-degree burns from the heat surrounding you.

Know the Benefits of Using Safety Blankets Today

Safety blankets not only lessen the risk to human lives but also the environment. Combined with emergency practices it will improve people’s safety.

There is more to learn about safety blankets and their uses. Check out our other articles and learn more today!