Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles For Summer

If you are getting married in the summer, then you want to find a wedding dress to fit the season. You want the dress to be comfortable in the warm weather and yet stylish and beautiful. Below are some of the most popular wedding dress styles for summer.


Short Dresses Are Great For Summer

One of the simplest styles of wedding dresses is a short dress. It can still look beautiful and fancy even though it is short, and it is perfect for summer because it doesn’t have too much fabric. You can find short dresses made with silky materials, covered in lace, or any fabric you desire.


The Early 1900s Are Coming Back

The look that was in style one hundred years ago is coming back in for wedding dresses. Pearls are used in all kinds of ways on dresses. Drop waist dresses are also in style, and if you want to wear a throwback look, then you might enjoy a dress inspired by the early 1900s.


Florals Are In For Wedding Dresses

Florals are in for this year and they are perfect for a summery wedding. A colorful floral pattern on a wedding dress is a bit unexpected, and that makes it fun. If you want your wedding dress to stand out, then you need to consider florals.


Feathers Make Any Dress More Fun

Feathers are great for a wedding dress that will be used any time of the year. They can give the dress a very light look to it, and if you want something light and flowy for your summer wedding, then you can get one with feathers. Some dresses have minimal feathers while others go all out, and you can choose whichever dress is more your style.


Slits And Cutouts Are Perfect For Summer

When you are having a summer wedding, you might worry about how warm you will get in your dress. Slits and cutouts are great features of the dress to consider so that you won’t become overheated. Big slits up the leg are trendy, and cutouts on the back or side of the dress always make it look more interesting.


Sheer Sleeves Give The Dress A Different Look

If you want sleeves on your dress but don’t want to get too warm in it, then get sheer sleeves. They are not only more comfortable for the summer months, but they are also pretty. The sheer sleeves give the dress a different, more elegant look than many other dresses have.


Consider Colored Dresses For The Wedding

If you aren’t worried about being traditional with your wedding dress, then you can buy a colored dress. Look for one in your favorite color. Buy a bright or muted pink or purple dress, and it will be perfect for a fun summer wedding.


Ruffles Are Great For A Summer Wedding Dress

Ruffles look nice on any dress, and when you want to know that your wedding dress is extra special, you can get one with them. Buy a dress with ruffles down the back. Get a dress that flares out when you spin around and is perfect for dancing.


Pick the right wedding dress so that you will feel gorgeous on your big day. Wear a dress that feels comfortable even in the heat, and you will be happy in it. Consider the many summer styles and choose the one that fits your wants and needs.