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Why Should You Hire Certified BigCommerce Developers For An eCommerce Store?

A Brief Intro About BigCommerce

BigCommerce company was founded in 2009 by Mitchell Harper and Australians Eddie Machaalani. BigCommerce is a public technology company that provides hosted eCommerce solutions platforms to that online startup companies for the set up of online trading. 

BigCommerce hosted software as a service eCommerce platform and has its server. Own server of BigCommerce enables the user to manage it anywhere easily and use it without installation of other software. SaaS product is a monthly paid service and requires a monthly subscription payment and is hosted centrally. 

You can easily establish your online store with the help of BigCommerce and select your online store design from a wide range of customized templates. It assists you in the smooth run of your online store while buying and selling your product.

BigCommerce is one of the established hosted solutions for those who are tech-friendly so they can improve their websites CSS for HTML documents and for those who have very little knowledge in high tech designing of the webpage. 

There are different companies Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, square space, Wix, volusion, Big cartel, providing the best eCommerce platform same as BigCommerce web hosting and website building for your online store.

Why Choose BigCommerce For An Online Store?

You will get several benefits when you choose BigCommerce for your online store’s hosting and website building lets have a look at it.

  • BigCommerce can be easily used by eCommerce startup platforms for online stores and by those who want to improve their already established eCommerce platform.
  • Page navigation of BigCommerce is fast and lets your online business run smoothly with generating more income and attracting more customers.
  • BigCommerce is very beneficial in the smooth process of payment, check out, and shipping process.
  • BigCommerce provides customized theme templates without complexity so you choose as per your requirements of online digital, physical product & service selling.
  • The responsive interface can be easily created in BigCommerce from selected customized themes.
  • BigCommerce provides security to customers by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and BigCommerce is certified in Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. BigCommerce also follows the shared responsibility model for providing account security.
  • BigCommerce structure improves SEO by breadcrumbs and URL creation so the online store of business owners will come on top results of search engines.
  • BigCommerce supports currencies of 129 countries that are more than 250 local currencies and provides easy integration. Business owners can easily do business worldwide with BigCommerce.

Why Should You Hire A Certified BigCommerce Developer?

You need to choose that trusted, certified, and reliable company without blindly trusting an unreliable BigCommerce development company for your BigCommerce website. 

  • You will face different challenges during the lifetime of an online store. For this you need to hire a Trusted and reliable company that can easily detect the issues and find a long-term solution for them.
  • BigCommerce developers have years of experience and can easily manage complex projects with their development skills.
  • There is a different and wide range of areas that are still unknown to non-developers but highly knowledgeable developers know how to handle everything in BigCommerce.
  • BigCommerce developers improve the experience of the user by managing the smooth operation and performance of the BigCommerce store by detecting and fixing bugs. 
  • BigCommerce developers improve the overall performance of your online store by evaluating the performance of the BigCommerce website by optimization of the front end, server evaluation, and coding assessment.
  • Professional BigCommerce developers are more time-efficient and manage the smooth functioning of your BigCommerce website 24×7 without causing you more delay.
  • Professional developers provide services as per the requirements of customers and perform custom development work.
  • Every aspect of BigCommerce is in their knowledge and they continue to improve their skills by getting training continuously.

Advantages Of Hiring A Certified BigCommerce Developer 

After finalizing that you want to transfer your online store to BigCommerce you need to hire a developer for troubleshooting issues and effective functioning of the online store so customers can easily purchase from you. There are different advantages of hiring a BigCommerce developer so let’s have a look at it.

  • Developers save your time and resources and your budget estimation for the development of your BigCommerce will not be exceeded when you hire BigCommerce developers.
  • They provide a team of technical assistance for the smooth functioning of your online store and troubleshoot early before its occurrence. smooth functioning and better performance will improve with hiring developers.
  • Developers help in the integration and set up of your online store with their high-level skills and knowledge.
  • You can make your online site look more professional with the help of professional developers by providing the right features, minimizing downtime, and improving sales.
  • User experience will also be improved with high speed and fast responsive web pages with the help of professional BigCommerce developers you can easily achieve that.
  • Certified and trusted BigCommerce developers company provides and ensures high-quality service. 
  • Professional developers know every aspect of BigCommerce and maintain the BigCommerce standard in your online store.
  • They understand the needs of their customer so they design and make customization as per their requirement.
  • They follow the goal-oriented and transparent approach for the effective functioning of online stores.
  • Return on investment will be improved with the identification of growth and opportunities by developers.

Skill Set Required In A BigCommerce Developer

BigCommerce developers need to have certain skills, let’s have a look at required skills.

  • Command Over Graphic Design
    graphic designing consists of profession and art where visual communication is needed for the transmission of messages to different social groups with some defined objectives. Developers should have command over visual designs. 
  • Optimization Of Speed For Web Pages
    developers should have enough set of techniques required for the optimization of a web page by creating high-speed redirects. 
  • UX (User Experience) Design Expertise
    meaningful and relevant experiences are provided to users by creating UX design. User interface UI is the subset of UX design. Developers need to have an adequate set of knowledge of UX design.
  • Customization Of The Theme
    How to customize the theme as per the requirements of customers is a skill that should be known to developers. Customers likely to change the color scheme of the header, wish to add an extra tab that comes under the customization of the theme.
  • Command Over Programming Skills
    Developers working in BigCommerce should have a brief knowledge of coding and need to have good command over it.
  • Integration With Third Party
    third party integration creates a chance for both the parties to do what they are good at. Developers should have the skill of integrating with the third-party specialist when they need to get something done in a product and which does not match with their core work.
  • Good At Migrating Solution
    BigCommerce developers should have the finest data transfer skill from your network solution to another network solution. 
  • Knowledge Of Storefront
    storefront creates the first impression of your online business; developers should design its elements carefully. From the selection of the right theme then customization of the selected theme preview page before launch will create a good impression on customers. 
  • Adequate Knowledge Of Module Development
    Creating custom modules and using existing modules is also an important skill to create a functional ecommerce store on Bigcommerce.


If you are willing to use this platform for your online business then you need to hire a professional bigcommerce development company for their services and solutions for mobile commerce, integration & online store optimization. You can easily achieve the dream position of your online store by combining your ideas and skills of the developers.