What Is the Best Compatibility Test for a Couple?

Finding the right compatibility test isn’t as easy as picking out a single solution and recommending it to everyone. If you’ve ever found yourself in a relationship quandary — is this person right for me or not? — then it can be tempting to seek out the proverbial “Easy” button for deciding on whether to continue in the relationship.

In the following article, we’ll be talking about why that’s not such a good idea. But we’ll be doing it through the guise of some legitimate testing options you’ll want to consider putting to use. Let’s begin!

1. Conversational Testing

The first and perhaps easiest type of relationship compatibility test to employ is conversational testing. How easily does the conversation flow between the two of you? Are there lots of silences? 

If there are silences, are they awkward and uncomfortable? Or do you both feel comfortable in your communication, even if there’s a lull in the conversation? How easy you’re talking to one another gives some indication of how great of a couple you’ll be.

2. Intelligence Test

Another worthwhile use of the compatibility quiz is to go with an actual quiz. Particularly, choose a quiz that measures your intelligence. Physical attraction can be important, but not if you can’t relate to the other person on an intellectual plane. 

Of course, that’s not to say that one person in the relationship can’t be noticeably smarter than the other. But if common sense and the desire for improvement are important to you, you won’t find that in someone who closes themselves off to it.

3. Your Interests Align

A third compatibility test for couples to employ is comparing and contrasting their interests. Again, you don’t have to be aligned on each and every interest. But it’s good if there’s some overlap.

When there is overlap, it becomes easier to willingly participate in other activities or pursuits special to your partner that you may not have immediately embraced. But there has to be some alignment or you’ll never be able to get there.

4. Your Goals Are Compatible

A fourth couple’s compatibility test is goal-setting. Are you the type of person who takes pride in the goals you set while your partner has no interest in any for himself or herself? That’s a bad sign. 

Perhaps a worse sign, however, is when your goals are so different that you couldn’t possibly find happiness together. For example, you’re dead-set on living and working in the Big Apple but your partner wants to live on a big farm in the country. Those two goals are so diametrically opposed to one another, it’s highly unlikely you’d ever find a way to make them work.

5. You Make Fun of Each Other

The next couple compatibility test is going to sound a little unusual. But trust us, it works! It’s your ability to make fun of one another. 

An actual study shows that couples who can pick at each other tend to have happier relationships. There’s something fun and challenging about being able to “best” one another through either wit or physicality as long as it’s done in the right spirit.

That is, you do it through love and respect and not a desire to make your partner feel bad about themselves. Having a spirit of competition helps to keep the spark alive!

6. They Make You Laugh

The old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder can be easily applied to humor. What’s funny to one might be unfunny or even mean-spirited and rude to someone else.

The same sense of humor isn’t necessary to have a successful relationship. But it does help if the laughter happens often and with some intensity.

Making each other laugh is a long-established sign of attraction. Make it work for you.

7. The Absence Test

Okay, this one kind of sucks, especially when they’re right for you. But it can certainly help open your eyes to a lot of things about your compatibility together.

And yes, we’re talking about spending some time away from one another. Note: we’re talking about physical time away.

We’re not talking about “taking a break” or separating from your spouse. That doesn’t work out as well.

But being away from one another and having that feeling that you can’t wait until you see them again? That’s a good indication you’ve got a person worth the time and emotional investment. And if they feel the same about you, even better! 

8. Physical Attraction Is There

Relationships built on physical attraction are ill-advised. But to say that physical attraction is unimportant to the success of a relationship is ludicrous. You have to have a spark between you, sexual chemistry and compatibility that makes you want to submit to and be vulnerable with that person.

Without it, you’ll never be secure enough to open up in other important areas of the relationship. Now, can that chemistry be developed over time? Certainly, but it must be developed!

9. Similar Signs

Don’t discount the reliance on an astrological comparison to find out if you’re compatible with your partner. Whether you believe everything about astrological signs is immaterial. We know enough about each sign to recognize personality traits and characteristics.

Certain signs are more compatible with other signs. That doesn’t mean a relationship will be a failure if you don’t fall into a matching group. But it does mean the traits and characteristics of your group will “play nicer” with those from another.

Choose the Compatibility Test That Resonates

Now that we’ve gone through the nine types of tests, it’s time for you to focus on the compatibility test that makes the most sense for you. Many times simply getting your partner to agree on your choice of compatibility test will tell you much of what you need to know.

Good luck, whatever you decide. And for more on relationships, be sure to check out some of our other tips and advice.