Using Tech for Exam Prep

While society is slowly evolving more towards performance-based assignments (e.g. essays) to determine eligibility for college admissions and career entrance, tests still play a significant role in getting where you want. Major universities still require SATs or the ACT. The GRE, LSATs, or MCATs are required for advanced degrees. Helping professions require a licensure test. Studying for tests can leave you biting your nails down to the cuticle. The art of studying can now be done on a more exciting platform: technology.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring allows you to access help on a subject at anytime from anywhere. The tutoring is typically low-cost or free. Some websites may have certified teachers that are teaching online to make some additional income. Other sites may have other college students that are tutoring. Most tutoring sites are pretty good at screening their tutors to ensure that they are knowledgeable in their subjects. Most college students that are tutoring are at least sophomores at a university that earned a 4.0 in the subject they are tutoring.

Homework Help

Homework is helpful reinforcement of a subject. However, it should not take hours or kill your grade. While most common for the math subjects and sciences, there are websites where you can plug in questions and instantly get answers. These should not be used to do your homework for you; they should be used to check your work, learn from your mistakes, and get through questions you are absolutely stuck on.

Practice Test Questions

Practice test questions are the best help for studying for major exams. The questions will be phrased similar but have different scenarios and numbers than the real test. Practice questions can prepare you for how you will need to take think during the test, provide insight on the areas that you need to improve, and inform you on the topics that you will need to focus on. The

Kaplan MCAT practice test will help you not have to go back and pay another 300 dollars to retake the difficult MCAT test.


Games are a fun way to practice for tests. Test prep sites can provide flashcards, matching games, Jeopardy, etc. to make studying for a test a fun. While playing the games is fun, you need to keep in mind that you are studying. You should have a pen and paper nearby to take notes on topics, questions, and areas of improvement.


Many people struggle to read their handwriting and take notes quickly by hand. While retention can be iffy, notetaking on a computer, phone, or tablet can e helpful for people who have struggle reading their own handwriting, organizing notes, and taking enough notes at a fast pace. Many computers have dictation on them for you to take audio notes if you retain better by listening.

Audio and Videos

Watching videos about tests and how to answer test questions can make studying easier for visual and auditory learners. Videos also provide great homework help for all subjects. The best part about videos is you can play them over and over and pause them when you need to.