How Apparel Industry Can Boost Its Business With Unique Custom Shirt Boxes?

Do you know why custom shirt boxes are in high demand? The truth is that the shirt industry is quite profitable and continues to increase in value. So startup brands want to step into this business and make billions of dollars. And for that, shirt quality and custom packaging matter the most. Therefore in this blog, our packaging consultants have pinned important tips to boost your sales in no time. So get ready for an in-depth study.

Two Piece Custom Shirt Boxes

Shirts come in all sizes, colors, and prints. And to differentiate them, custom shirt boxes are much needed. There are many packaging styles and designs in the market. But a two-piece box is the most popular one. It consists of a separate lid and base. Thus this box style is easy to use. And the customers can open and close the box multiple times. Plus, the two-piece shirt box can be customized in rigid, kraft, or cardboard stock. And you can order it in any color, size, or design. 

Tray and sleeve packaging

Are you looking for exclusive custom printed shirt boxes? The tray and sleeve boxes are good to go! It’s a flexible box style with a movable sleeve. And you can attach a string or a ribbon to the tray. And the tray slides smoothly like a drawer. Hence it’s also known as a drawer box. Since it has a unique box style, apparel brands prefer it for gift packaging. And you can beautify it with customized add-ons. 

Boxes with windows

It is said that custom packaging acts as a silent salesperson. And it is 100% true for boxes with windows or die-cuts. The transparent sheet is attached at the top and makes the t shirt packaging visually appealing. And above all, it makes your boxes informative. And tells the customers about the shirt’s fabric, color, style, and print. Hence it’s a presentable and eye-catching way to display the shirts.

Tuck front box style

As stated before, there are many packaging styles in the market. But the tuck front box offers endless customization. You can design interactive and engaging packaging with inside printing. You can add the shirt manufacturing process, quality, and style tips. One way or the other, it makes the customers feel special, and they appreciate the inside printing. And it reminds them of your brand’s excellent craftsmanship. 

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Bellyband packaging

Are you looking for a minimalist packaging style? Well, the bellyband style is the best option. If you don’t want to pack your shirt in a box, you can opt for a bellyband or sleeve. It is available in kraft or cardboard stock. And it is biodegradable, lightweight, and handy. Besides, it offers great customization margins like the boxes. You can print and design the bellybands the way you like. And the best part is that it’s a cost-effective way to display your shirts.

Boxes with hang tags

The hang tags fall under the category of add-ons. You can pick any box style and attach the hang tags. It gives an exclusive look to your wholesale shirt boxes. And lets you print personalized messages. Thus you can print images, shirt information, or greeting on hang tags. Furthermore, you can customize them in any size, stock, style, or design. 

Gift boxes

People exchange gifs to surprise their loved ones. And shirts are one of the most popular items and look beautiful in customized packaging. And there are many creative ways to decorate custom gift packaging. Take a look at the following options.

  • Ribbons
  • Hemp rope
  • Greeting cards
  • Stickers

The customized decorations are affordable and lightweight. And it makes the boxes aesthetically beautiful. You can pick any style and embellish it with the add-ons mentioned above. 

Custom boxes with logo design

The logo design is very important whether you pick a tuck front or bellyband packaging style. It makes your packaging credible and attractive and boosts the customer’s confidence. And you can give the logo a prominent look with top-notch finishing techniques. You can use embossing, debossing or hot foil stamping. It adds value to the custom shirt packaging and improves the buyer’s sensory experience. Besides, you can apply these design techniques to the text or illustrations.

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