Top 3 Challenges Of Working From Home

Top 3 Challenges Of Working From Home

Remote work has been around for several years, but became more popular in 2020, offering flexibility and convenient. As businesses and workers got accustomed to the new normal, setting up a home office became vital for many. However, working from home comes with its set of challenges and may account for why 69% of remote workers experiencing burnout. Distractions, interrupted connectivity, and several other problems are responsible for such burnout, making it essential to know about the potential challenges that can arise when working from your home office. Below are three of these challenges and how to work around them where necessary.

  • Distractions

Working from home comes with many distractions, but it takes a focused mind to overcome them. Household chores, persistent social media notifications, young children, pets, and the temptation to binge-watch your favorite series can be significant distractions. Sometimes, however, it only takes a dedicated workspace at home to help you successfully deal with this. For example, if you can afford a nanny, or have a relative come over to babysit for a few hours at home, you can work with peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about your kids running to your dedicated work space looking for you. Even your pets can be kept at bay with the right measures. A home office set up away from high-traffic areas like the kitchen and living room also helps set boundaries. Another strategy to use if you’re living with others is to communicate your work hours, emphasisizng your need for little to no interruptions in that period. You can also invest in noise-canceling headphones or website blockers to minimize certain distractions.

  • Interrupted internet connectivity

A reliable internet connection can never be underestimated in the world of remote work. It is key to meeting deadlines and preventing your work schedule from piling up. Unfortunately, impacted internet connectivity is a reality that can pose significant challenges. This is more common as not every home office is equipped with the right internet infrastructure to boost connectivity. Sluggish speed and outages can pose extreme challenges that can leave you feeling frustrated and stressed. While you can’t entirely avoid these, you can provide backup for your home by investing in another high-speed broadband plan like NBN 100. Relying only on one service provider can be risky, especially when there is an extensive internet outage. Also, it would help to optimize your home network by getting a professional to determine the right positioning of your routers. Experts say electronic device interference can affect what could have been a reliable connection.

  • Challenges with striking a fair worklife balance

If you don’t have clear boundaries between your work and personal life, now is the best time to do so. It’s easy to lose sight of worklife balance when you operate from home and that is because of the flexibility and convenience the setting offers. However, you can effectively manage this by committing to a daily structured routine that includes work hours and breaks. Remember to set a clear boundary on when work should end to avoid spending all your time behind the computer.

Burnout is a real challenge with remote workers, making it vital to be well-informed so your work will be as stress-free as possible. Dedicate tome to pursue your hobbies, workout, and spend time with loved ones. The more you commit to these boundaries, the better you will be at striking a fair worklife balance.