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Top 10 Gadgets for College Life

Today’s world is becoming more and more technological, and in order to enjoy all the benefits, one should be equipped with a set of gadgets. Having a smartphone in your pocket is no longer something new, moreover, it will be quite a challenge to live without it even a few days. A smartphone could have been at the top of the list of best tech gadgets for college students, but we are not going to be too obvious. Let us tell you about something interesting. We bet that after reading this post about useful gadgets for college students, you will feel the urge to get some as soon as possible. It is hard to evaluate which one out of these 10 gadgets for students is better, since everyone has their specific needs and preferences. So, we will just list the 10 we consider being worth your attention. Some more reviews can be found here:

  • Livescribe 3 Pen

Even though technology gets into all fields of our life, some students still oppose it in certain cases. For example, there are supporters of the idea that handwriting helps to process the information during the lectures better than just typing notes on your laptop. Well, everyone has a right to choose whatever is best for them. Still, it is necessary to know that there exists a Livescribe 3 Pen, which may occupy a leading position among must have gadgets for college students who prefer handwriting. This super-pen automatically sends information on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop, just translating your notes into their electronic version. Moreover, this all happens real-time, via Bluetooth connection. It is compatible with iOS and Android, and battery’s charge can last for around 14 hours, which is pretty much enough. To create an effect of old-school writing, the pen has ink in it as well. If you are a creative person, for example, you will feel much more comfortable writing a blog using a Livescribe 3 Pen.

  • Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

This one gets on the list of best gadgets for college students who did not like the previous one. So, if you still prefer typing, and you are pretty fast in this, you use a laptop or a tablet to make the lecture notes. Taking a laptop is not the most convenient thing due to its weight and size. On the other hand, typing on a tablet is not convenient as well. Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard is the gadget of the size of a matchbox that projects the keyboard on any even surface.

  • Sonic Bomb

Have you ever been late to an important lecture simply because you could not get up in time? We are sure the smart alarm clock needs to be in the list of cool tech gadgets for college students. This device makes the sound that is 113 decibels, so you have no chances of sleeping further. If this is too much for you, the Sonic Bomb can also wake you up with a vibration, just place it under your pillow.

  • Tylt Energi Backpack

Having even a few gadgets for college create a need to have a set of wires, portable batteries and sometimes adapters with you. A good way out is to buy Tylt Energy Backpack with an integrated accumulator. It has 2 ports for the smartphone charger and one for a tablet. In addition to this, the backpack itself is quite comfortable with a good section for carrying your laptop and lots of pockets.

  • Lumoback

Health matters, and student’s health is especially exposed to risk. As soon as you stop watching the way you sit, your back stops looking like a question sign with all the health threats as a consequence. That is why we have included Lumoback to the list of the best gadgets for college students. This belt will not only tell you how to sit correctly, but it will also send a reminder every time you try to change the pose to the incorrect one. It will show you the pose you have been sleeping in, and the time you spent sitting. You can even see the pose of your spine on the screen of your smartphone.

  • iCard

We are sure that you are trying your best to study. However, it is not always possible to gain high results without cool gadgets for college students. Smartphones can easily be recognized by a professor, but micro college gadgets with the functions of autotyping, organizer, audio player, with a memory card up to 16GB support will come in handy. For example, iCard has a weight of 32g and can be hidden anywhere you want. Together with micro headphones, one can cheat on exams without getting caught. If you need fast help (with up to 1-2 hours deadline), you can follow the link:, and with the help of iCard, you will get the exam or any other assignment done without anyone noticing this.

  • Kensington notebook lock

College gadgets should also include the ones for security. Kensington notebook lock is one of the best college gadgets to keep your laptop safe. With this lock, you can secure your electronic friend from a theft, which is especially important in public places.

  • Electric Eraser

Even the simplest thing has been replaced with the help of technology for college students: an eraser. The electric one is much more effective because due to the fast rolling eraser you need to do nothing to make the text of drawing by pencil vanish. The accurateness of the device will impress you. Moreover, it may come in handy for students who are learning to become designers or artists: it will help to create beautiful patches of light.

  • AirBar

This is an unusual accessory for a laptop. You can fix it on your laptop’s screen in order to make it function like a sensor screen. It is charged from the USB port, spending just a little of the laptop charge. It is quite exact and comfortable. This is the best technology for college students who work in groups often.

  • Pup – a Pocket Scanner

This is a simple and portable scanner which can easily be placed into one’s pocket. The scanned info can be sent by e-mail or social network websites, as well as saved on your smartphone or tablet. This will help you save money on copies, as well as the scans will be much more exact than pictures taken by a camera.