Top 10 Countries to Visit Before You Die

Everyone has the list…the bucket list, and chances are there is a sub-list with countries to visit before you die.

Travel is becoming more streamlined every year with apps like Airbnb easing the process of finding a place to stay, so there is no reason not to make it happen. 

Let’s take a look at the top 10 countries before its too late!

Countries to Visit Before You Die

We’ve put together a list of some truly unique destinations. From sandy beaches to enchanted castles, these are 10 of the must-see places before you die.

1. Australia

This beautiful country boasts over 25,000 km of coastline. With unique wildlife like kangaroos and stunning geographical oddities like Uluru rock, also known as Ayers rock, this down under delight is a must travel to place before you die.

2. Malaysia

This island nation is comprised of 878 islands! There are activities for everyone here. From unique local cuisine to the ultimate island theme park, there is something for everyone.

So grab your family and a Sunway Lagoon ticket and get your trip planned today!

3. Panama

This country is much more than the home of the canal. This gorgeous destination is an off the grid paradise. The country is not as touristy as its neighbor Costa Rica, so it is a perfect spot for a romantic getaway for two.

4. Lebanon

Lebanon is a small country with much to offer. Ruins and modern buildings nestle closely together in the city Beirut creating a unique cityscape.

The city of Byblos is home to beautiful cedar forests and waterfalls. The country is for sure on of the must-see places before you die.

5. Vietnam

Countries in South East Asia can often feel flooded with tourists. Beautiful Vietnam maintains its charm without the overly crowded touristy feel. Whether the hustle of Hanoi is your idea of fun or the stunning waters of Nha Trang, you will enjoy your stay in this diverse country.

6. Ireland

This North Atlantic island is known as the Emerald Isle. The lush rolling hills are sprinkled with plenty of hundred-year-old castles. If the countryside isn’t your idea of fun, head to Dublin for a pint of delicious Irish stout beer.

7. Norway

Norway is ranked among the top happiest countries in the world. It is home to lovely fjords like Sognefjord. The alps that surround the gorgeous sandy beaches make for a unique landscape.

8. Cuba

Cuba has a long and rocky history and tourism was almost nonexistent for years. Things are changing now.

This wonderful country is surrounded by crystal clear Caribbean waters. Old Havana is home to classic architecture and stunning cathedrals.

9. Georgia

This little known country is stunning. You can explore ancient caves or hike through the Caucasian Mountains. The destination is affordable and home to some tasty local cuisine.

10. Morocco

Nestled between the land and sea, this country is as diverse as they come. You can stroll through the spice markets of Marrakech and purchase saffron and the iconic ras el hanout blend.

The Atlas mountains are a must-see as they host one of the highest peaks on the continent: Mount Toubkal.

Let’s Get Going

With all of these unique destinations in mind, there is no reason to wait! All of these countries to visit before you die have something to offer. Don’t wait and miss your chance! Seize the day and book your dream trip right now! 

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