The Difference Between IT Services and IT Consulting

The IT industry has grown a lot over the last few decades. There are many different types of services available. If you are thinking about partnering with an IT support in Manhattan to grow and enhance your business, then you may be wondering where to begin.

There are a lot of different IT options available, and it can be difficult to know what your company needs the most. To get you started take a look at the difference between IT services and IT consulting, this will help to set you on the right track.

IT Services

While there are many different types of IT services, like IT services for manufacturing or healthcare, they all have one thing in common, they all use technical expertise to improve the management and organization of important business processes.

 IT services can take on many forms. For example, it may involve installing new equipment or removing old ones. Often it may also involve monitoring and managing data for a company. IT usually involves giving cloud services to businesses so that they become less reliant on onsite data management.

 IT Consulting

Companies that provide IT consulting give advice to companies or individuals about their current infrastructure. An IT consulting firm will access the current IT infrastructure that is in place and give expert advice on how to modify and improve it. With an IT consultant on board, your company can easily use new technologies so that they align with the vision that you have for your business.

The Difference Between IT Services and IT Consulting

Now that you know exactly what IT services involve and the nature of IT consulting, it’s important that you know the major differences between the two.

When you pay for IT services you get deliverables. This means that you will get an actual product or service. For example, your IT service provider may create a website for you or they may provide you with software that you can use to manage your business processes. They may also provide you with data management and support on a consistent basis.

IT consultants will look at the business plan that you have in place and help you to identify the IT needs of your business. They will give you advice and help you to find the best IT solutions. 

It is important to note that IT consultants often work along with IT services companies or they may work for the same company. This is because as part of the IT consultation package an IT consultant will want to help you put the ideas that they have given you into immediate use.

Get Started

Given the nature of IT services and IT consultancy, it is probably a good idea to seek some IT consultation before you go ahead and get IT services. This is because a consultation will allow you to be more precise about the services that you need.

However, there are times when you know exactly what you need from a service and if this is the case you can then go ahead and begin IT services immediately. What you choose to do is completely dependent on the type of business you have and the level of IT services you have at any given moment.