Improve Your Security System with Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a common managed IT services practice for their partner businesses to ensure that their security defense is as strong as it should be. Digital threats are a constant concern for every company, and fighting against security issues requires using the best tools to build a protective wall that hackers can’t break.

Many companies invest money in resources to improve their defense against digital threats and that can include security configuration management, vulnerability management, file integrity monitoring, and log management.

While using every single option you have to secure all of your data from cyber attacks is crucial for safety, it is difficult to know if it’s enough without testing them. The best way to ensure that the programs you use have the strength to fight hackers is through hiring a penetration testing company.

Doing a penetration test will also help companies become aware of any type of weakness in their security system and how to fix it.

What is a penetration test?

A penetration test, also known as “pen test”, is a planned attack against your company’s web application, network, and other systems. These tests are used to recognize if your security system is vulnerable to certain attacks.

A security professional will attack your security system by disguising as a hacker to look for weaknesses within the program. A penetration tester operates with one intention, and that is improving your security programs.

If a malicious hacker decides to steal information from your company, you won’t have a way of knowing if your security system will be able to protect your files without testing it out.

A penetration test will only be done when the company gives permission to allow a professional ethical hacker to begin attacking their network. 

What happens after the penetration test has been conducted?

Once the penetration test has been completed, the company will receive a report from the professional ethical hacker that shows the results and if they were able to access any information.

The report will include information about weaknesses in the security system and what areas hackers can penetrate to steal data. The company who authorized a penetration test to be conducted will also receive clear steps on how to make their security system stronger and what aspects they need to focus on.

Why is it important to conduct a penetration test?

A penetration test is one of the best investments you can for your company. When it comes to your employees and customers’ information, your company is responsible to keep it secure.

Hiring a company to do penetration tests occasionally will not only protect the company’s data, it will also save you from spending a lot of money on hiring a professional that has to retrieve all of your stolen files.

Your loyal clients trust that you will do everything to protect their personal information and each company is at risk. Companies could face major damages if they are not conducting penetration tests to ensure that their security system is not vulnerable in any way.