How You Properly Use Your Massage Gun Device?

Neck massage in the gym with a massage gun

Massage guns are an excellent means of warming up during the workout, improving joint regeneration, or relieving joint discomfort and soreness. Including athletes and fitness enthusiasts to office staff, they ‘re famous with everybody and are an outstanding investment in your muscle safety. But the massage tool has to be used the correct way to achieve the maximum performance.

Anyone suffering any muscle pain or soreness can benefit from a massage gun. If you’re a health beginner, a competitive competitor, or a sportsman, percussion therapy will help warm up and heal muscles. It’s suitable for all health stages, particularly for young, particularly older adults (age 18 +). But they are no longer only popular with the fitness crowd. Almost everyone gets on board with a pain relief massage, especially those in jobs that require long hours of poor postures, such as office workers sitting all day on a computer. So whether you are exercising or not, a massage gun can work wonders on any area of muscle that causes trouble.

May one use a massage gun on all parts of the body?

The massage gun devices usually used on the elbows, glutes, back , arms, buttocks, calves, and hips. This operates by relieving muscle soreness across the body tissues and removing any stubborn knots that can cause niggling discomfort. Do not add it to your face or head neck.

There are numerous accidents and situations that it is not advised that a massage gun be used. The massage gun will not help certain muscle strains and injuries and could end up doing more harm than good. When you’re unsure whether you can do that on a personal condition or not, contact a professional provider.

How to use a massage gun?

Here are a few simple steps on how to use a massage gun:

  • Turning the massage gun onto BEFORE, putting it on your body, is a good idea. Not doing this will create a bit of scratching on the body, or worse, bleeding.
  • Begin at the lowest velocity. Until you have had a chance to assess your tolerance level, it can be a bit painful to start on high. However, note that soreness may result from micro-tears in the muscle or elevated inflammation. Beating the muscles may do more damage than good. It doesn’t necessarily mean better.
  • Any pace you use, you want the stimulation gun to ‘float’ over the muscles. Heavy downward pressure on the body by the massage head is not necessary. Let the relaxation gun do the job while gliding it softly across the areas impacted. At most speak of mild to moderate strain.
  • Prepare to unwind! You bought a relaxation gun to relieve muscle tightness, not making things worse. You don’t get the method’s complete value because you’re so stressed and twitch the arm when you’re working over it. Relax, inhale, exhale, and push the pressure gun gradually around the muscle’s abdomen.

How long should you massage one area?

All that relies on the requirements of the individual set of muscles. You can make use of your own flexibility when determining whether to use a massage gun (whether long) on a defined area. There are occasions you’ll run up against stubborn muscle knots when using the massage device, which takes extra time to deliver relief.

  • The guideline for every specific muscle group is 15 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes. If you find it’s required, you may want to leave the massage gun floating over a specific location for longer.
  • For any rhythm the head of the massage gun causes micro pain to the body. Sure, it boosts blood pressure in the near term, promotes ventilation and shakes out tightness. The common usage is the reverse.

To the best benefit, obey these guidelines:

  • Muscle Stimulation– 30 Seconds: Target the muscles with a relaxation gun for up to 30 seconds before an exercise or operation to stimulate the muscles and nerve fibers.
  • Muscle Re-Activation– 15 Seconds: Mid-workout and a little tired feeling? Muscles beginning to strain or spasm? For a quick 15 second session offer them a little lift.
  • Recovery and Pain Relief– 2 Minutes: You can comfortably use your relaxation gun for up to 2 minutes on each muscle group during exercise or while DOMS is set in. You should replicate this cycle during the day with at least 1-2 hours of rest in between.


I certainly suggest you try one if you don’t already own a massage rifle. When you see (and feel) the advantages of life without it, you really won’t remember how you existed! Only make sure that you read the document and obey the supplier’s guidelines for safe use. So if you’re ever uncertain about how to handle a massage gun (especially if you’ve had an injury), make sure to visit a physiotherapist or doctor.