How Encouraging Pride In Your Employees Keeps Them Motivated

If you want to attract the best talent to your organization, then you are going to need to run a business that your employees are proud of. What this means is that not only will you need to be a great leader, but your company also needs to produce a product or service that they can believe in. Creating a workplace environment that fosters pride takes a great deal of effort, but in the long run, has proven to be the most effective way of keeping your employees motivated.

If employers are proud of their employees, they will work harder and want to come to work. Creating an environment that encourages employee pride requires a consideration of the factors that influence an employee’s opinion of their employer.

High Quality

A company must put a great deal of effort in stressing the importance of high quality in its products if they expected  employees to feel a sense of pride in what they are doing. According to the Coaching Institute, if employees are proud of the products and services they are selling it shows to customers and clients. Employee enthusiasm is contagious and helps to increase sales.


If a company is seen as the leader in the industry, it will attract top talent. It is important to let employees know how the company competes for market share and encourage innovative ideas to capture more of the market share.

Achieve Goals

Companies that set growth and profit targets and can motivate staff to achieve these goals, create employee loyalty and pride in achievement. “Keeping employees motivated is about helping them to see that what you as a business are doing, is working” says John Rogan of Motivational Speaker. As Tony Robbins has stated on numerous occasions in his motivational speeches, “Progress is the best way to feel alive and inspired to keep pushing.”


A company or organization that keeps abreast of trends and developments and reacts to changing demographics, economic circumstances and customer needs will be attractive to employees that thrive in a dynamic environment.

Competitive Compensation

Human resources departments that monitor salary surveys and feedback to make sure compensation packages are competitive maintain a clear advantage when attracting and retaining talent.

Unique Benefits

Looking at the success of companies that have innovative benefits like gourmet chefs, in house dry cleaning services and doggie daycares prove that they are a cut above other employers who offer more standard benefits.

Successes Shared

Companies that celebrate successes by sharing the wealth with employees through celebrations, bonuses, profit sharing or prizes demonstrates to employees that their hard work is appreciated and deserves to be rewarded.


Demonstrating ethical practices by choosing suppliers that practice ethical human relations practices is one way a company can practice ethical behavior. Many employees feel strongly about supporting employers that value ethical behavior such as environmentally sound practices and policies.

Support Community

Companies with policies to give back to the community by charitable donations and/or allowing staff to participate in community events and projects on company time earn the respect of employees.

Work Life Balance

Respect for the needs of employees balancing demands of children, aging parents or other dependents contribute to improving morale and building employee pride.

Supports Employee Career Development

Employers that have highly structured training and development programs and offer career path options for star talent will retain the best and the brightest.

Employee pride is a key ingredient in productivity, retention and word of mouth advertising. Ignore the importance of employee pride building company policies and activities and risk losing top talent. Being an employer of choice ensures that a lack of applicants is rarely a problem.