How Do Smartwatches Work? The Complete Tech Guide

One of the oldest gadgets in existence are chronographs, timepieces that have been around since the 13th century. The first wristwatch was launched in the early 20th century and quickly grew in popularity. Seeing newer and better iterations, the watch became an essential accessory for years to come.

Technology changed our behaviors within each passing year. We now tell the time by reaching for our smartphones instead of looking at our wristwatches. This trend is about to change, however, with the introduction of smartwatches to the market. 

At this point, you’re probably wondering how do smartwatches work and why would you need one. In that case, read below! We will look at how smartwatches work and why having one is necessary for this day and age.

What Is a Smartwatch?

Before we start, let us define what a smartwatch is. Simply put, a smartwatch is a digital watch with more functions and features. It is essentially a mini-computer that you wear on your wrist with many great features.

Instead of using a lot of side buttons, you can access and navigate through a smartwatch using the touchscreen. Best described as wearable technology, it is essentially a smartphone with the size of a wristwatch.

It can do more than tell the time compared to other watches out there. It also comes with other features and sports smartwatch connectivity. For people who want to stay connected on the go, or want an assistant always on hand, a smartwatch is perfect.

What Makes a Smartwatch Work?

Older watches use a series of artisan-made gears that remain unseen due to ornate casing. Unless you open it up or see it in other expensive wristwatches, you would never see how it works. A smartwatch veers towards the digital side with its display but pushes that concept further.

As we prefaced earlier, it is a mini-computer in the size of a wristwatch. It needs an operating system (OS) to execute all its functions. These allow the smartwatch to take on various tasks as needed depending on the apps installed.

It also uses wireless networks to connect to the Internet and other devices. For example, the Apple Watch connects with devices like the iPad and the iPhone. With Wi-Fi, smartwatches interact with other devices to act as one device in a shared network.

How Do Smartwatches Work?

Now, smartwatches differ from each other depending on the model and operating system. Most people still wonder, how do smartwatches work? Well, they all function in the same way! 

In this case, they connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi or by syncing with a smartphone. From here, the other features appear.

Aside from telling the time, it acts as an extension of your smartphone. There are situations when you cannot see what is on your phone. During these times, you can access your smartwatch to check messages or even manage calls.

You can also install apps that grant access to other features. We will look at these other features in detail in the next section.

Other Features of Smartwatches

Smartwatches grant access to applications found in their providers’ app store. Among these apps include Google Maps. This uses the GPS on the smartwatch to help you navigate and track your location, handy when you get lost in a new place.

You can also install a launcher app that uses your gestures to open up your other apps. This makes it easier to access them on the fly.

You also have fitness apps that help you track your heart rate and how many calories you burned. This is handy while walking or doing your exercises.

Or, if you end up bored and you have to kill some time, you can also install some games. These games lean towards a minimalist design view and tend to be on a smaller scale for apps. This ensures that your smartwatch has enough storage space to function.

You can also use your smartwatch to organize what you need in the same way a smartphone would. Setting up your to-do list and accessing a planner is a breeze with a smartwatch. 

The Benefits of Smartwatches

Due to the technological advances pushed by these internet watches, almost everyone can enjoy the benefits that you can gain from smartwatches. We have a good list of smartwatch benefits that you can check out here. Although we will show you some of them that you can experience right away.

Easier Call and Messaging Management

The most evident is how you can manage your calls and text messages without the need to whip out your smartphone. It works when taking out your phone may seem too much of a hassle. Other alternatives are when you find yourself in a situation that makes phone use awkward.

Helps You Stay Fit

Smartwatches also have scanners on them that can detect your vitals, which helps you stay fit. This is one of the leading reasons for people buying a smartwatch. It helps track their progress when they run laps or when they workout in a gym.

Easier Navigation

With the GPS loaded on the smartwatch, you can use it to help you find your way around areas when you visit a new city or countryside. It helps you go to your destination.

Thinking About Getting a Smartwatch?

Now that you know how smartwatches work, this gives you an incentive to want to own one for yourself. Before you go out, make sure that the model that you pick can synchronize with your phone. Knowing the model and the operating system is one of the factors in buying a smartwatch.

With your smartwatch synced and ready, you can use its functions with ease while going hands-free from your smartphone. So, how do smartwatches work? Now you know, and it has never been easier.

But why stop with the best smartwatches? We invite you to check out more of our content right here to discover even more tech guides today!