Hero Wars Guide – 9 Tips, Tricks & Cheats Every Beginner Must Know

Nexters, a team of well-known game designers and programmers, published the thrilling role-playing game Hero Wars in 2016. As is the case with most modern RPGs, your primary objective in Hero Wars will be to assemble a formidable roster of characters to use across a variety of player versus environment and player vs player gameplay types. In addition, there are hundreds of heroes available for use in Hero Wars. Regardless of the game style, you can opt to improve their effectiveness. Our Hero Wars beginner’s guide and tips & tricks will help you become a better player right from the start of the game.

Your Main Objective in this Hero Wars Guide

The primary objective of Hero Wars must be grasped before any further advice can be given. Your primary objective here is to assemble a team of five supreme heroes. Although there may be a large pool of heroes to choose from, it is important to note that each hero represents a unique set of abilities, statistics, and playstyle. To make them even more potent, you’ll want to level them up, give them buffs, outfit them in the finest equipment, enhance their talents, and so on. Most of the time, grinding the campaign mode will allow you to gain more of your upgrades.

What exactly is the difficulty, then? The most time-consuming parts of Hero Wars include making strategic decisions about which heroes to recruit, how to allocate your resources among them, and how to construct your heroes most effectively. 

Hero Wars Gameplay

9 Hero Wars Tips – Start Your Game Right

To guide you in your journey, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks you can use as you start your game in Hero Wars.

1. Create Your Most Powerful Team of Heroes

The objective of Hero Wars is, as was indicated above, to assemble the most formidable squad possible. Characters in this role-playing game can be assigned to a variety of roles, including that of warrior, tank, marksman, mage, healer, control, and support. Even if you aren’t a fan of the game’s top characters, you may want to check out the heroes at the game’s highest ranks. Nevertheless, you can’t be sure that you’ll obtain the best heroes if you toss them away early on. To find out if your character is the best one to put your money on, you need study the tier list. At the same moment, you’ll know whether or not to reroll your characters or keep playing as they are. 

Hero Wars Heroes

2. Know Your Heroes More

One more thing to think about while picking heroes is their potential. If you’re the type of player that enjoys using damage dealers and frontline fighters, heroes like tanks and warriors are your best bet. You can always rely on supports and healers for health restoration, defense, and buffs. If, on the other hand, you enjoy spells, burst damage, debuffs, and similar effects, you should try to recruit a mage. Heroes who use crowd control abilities like stun, freeze, or slow are sometimes referred to as control heroes. And don’t forget the backline warriors who can launch devastating strikes from afar; they’re called Marksman.

While deciding which heroes to use in Hero Wars, you must take into account their individual abilities, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. If you are just starting out, it’s crucial that your staff be as well-rounded as possible. This means you may recruit some tanking, meleeing, fighting, healing, and so on.

3. Accomplish Daily Quests To Level Up Your Team

Increasing your team’s level is the greatest option if you want to level up your hero and gain access to new features. You may give your heroes more useful enhancements as they gain levels. Yet, if you want your heroes to advance in level, you must always complete every daily task, earn a certain amount of team EXP, and focus more on increasing your team level. Your daily mission list will appear in the top left corner of your screen. As an added bonus, completing daily tasks might net you valuable items like raid tickets, money, energy, chests, and more.

4. Grind to Get More Rewards

As in other role-playing games, you may return to previously completed stages in Hero Wars to collect more awards and upgrade your equipment. Make it a goal to get three stars on those levels so you can unlock access to the raid feature. You can use raid tickets earned from the theater or missions to gain entry to a certain stage three times each day. 

Hero Wars Rewards

5. Probe the Theater!

You may use the game’s shop whenever you like while playing Hero Wars, as it takes up permanent real estate on the main menu. There, you may buy and sell arena money, have access to energy stores, and use potions that increase your experience level. If you want hero shards, for instance, you may use Highwayman money to get some free stuff from the Theater. You may buy energy, emeralds, money, and raid tickets from the theater’s vendors by watching advertisements. 

Hero Wars Theater

6. Summoning Your Heroes

In Hero Wars, you may acquire heroes in a number of different ways. As well as unlocking heroic chests, you may summon them by completing chapters and purchasing them in the arena or via event stores. If you have gotten duplicate heroes, you can utilize them to grow and strengthen your current heroes. By going to the Heroes Backrooms menu, selecting the hero you wish to employ, and then clicking the up arrow next to the Evolve option, you can utilize hero shards that are duplicates of those already in your collection. That’s where you’ll learn how many carbon copies of your hero are required for optimal evolution. 

Hero Wars Summon Heroes

You can also use the one chest each day option to gain access to heroes. In most cases, the use of Emerald will allow you to access heroic chests. It’s obtainable by completion of sponsored tasks or viewing of promotional videos.

7. Try Your Best to Complete the Quests

As important as daily objectives are, completing the game’s big quests is necessary if you want to advance the plot. Amazing loot like hero shards, emeralds, money, experience potions, energy, and so on are up for grabs as well. These tasks are normally located in the middle of the bottom of your screen. 

Hero Wars Quests

8. Your Stronger Team of Heroes

Always keep in mind that increasing your heroes’ stats is the key to success in both PvP and PvE. This may be accomplished by promoting them, equipping them with the most powerful gear, and using experience potions to raise their level. In addition, you may fortify your heroes by increasing your team’s level, purchasing higher-level upgrades for them with money or skill points, or even by evolving them.

You can also choose to spend money on enchanting glyphs, improving your heroes’ qualities, and boosting titans, as well as on skin stones, skins, and relics.

9. Don’t Forget to Join a Guild!

When reaching level 30, it is imperative that you immediately join a guild. Not just any old guild, but a bustling one where you may compete in a variety of events for the chance to win even more fantastic loot.