Custom writing services vs. free essay banks: what to choose?

All students google samples of academic papers, especially if the type of assignment is a new one and a pupil doesn’t even know where to start. They are searching for mockups or prototypes of new, unusual assignments. And this is when these students might find out that there is a whole world of academic writing services on the market. What is the difference between essay banks and custom writing services? Is there any way to use this kind of assistance legally? And which company to choose?

Pitfalls of essay banks

Let’s get some perspective on free essay banks first. Their main plus is that they are free. It is not as simple and clear with the minuses.

First of all, you can not be sure of the quality of research you’ve downloaded from an essay bank. The data can be old, and there can be both factual and grammatical mistakes. The unknown author could have used untrustworthy sources or invented some points on his or her own. You can not be confident in using this kind of papers, even as a formatting mockup. The only way you can take advantage of free papers is by searching for new ideas on your topic.

The second pitfall of free papers is that you don’t know how many students have already downloaded them and how many of them have turned them in untouched, or slightly or partly modified. This means you can’t use even some phrases from the paper you’ve found online, as you can’t be sure you won’t be accused of plagiarism because of it.

The third minus of any kind of free services is that they don’t give you a confidentiality guarantee. And no one knows what kind of search advertising will haunt you on the banners after you’ve downloaded anything from such a website (or what kind of viruses will settle on your PC).

Legit research paper writing services as a choice

One can’t get a qualified service for free or for cheap. Those who are able to provide high-quality writing are expensive specialists who know how much they should be paid. Moreover, a fair price often becomes a kind of obligation for a service provider who is now bound to guarantee satisfaction.

Don’t get caught by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, though! Writers are only people, after all, and hence, they can make mistakes. The human factor makes it impossible to achieve this 100% index and services who promise it are no more than frauds.

A legit research papers writing service, on the other hand, knows how to get as close to the full satisfaction of customers as possible. These companies are doing so by giving a money-back guarantee and by providing free revisions. This means such services will work on your paper, improving and amending it according to your requirements until you are fully satisfied. And if they fail, they will send your money back.

When you order from an academic writing website for the first time, check other guarantees the company provides as well. Make sure the service you’re hiring delivers only authentic papers with original content. A confidentiality guarantee should also be present.

Is it moral to buy custom papers written by professionals?

There are students who refrain from professional help on academic writing as they are afraid to be accused of cheating. But there are multiple ways a custom-written paper can be used by a diligent student! For example, one can use it as a basis for one’s own writing. One can check out original ideas by experts on a chosen topic. One can dive deeper into his or her subject by asking for copies of sources the writer has used while working on the paper. This will help to transform such a piece of writing into a manual. Some of the writers providing academic assistance are or used to be teachers and tutors and are eager to help their customers by answering all their questions concerning the paper.

Don’t restrict yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. There are plenty of specialists who will be glad to help you.