Crypto Volatility: Why Investor Ryan Hoggan Isn't Surprised By Market Moves

Crypto Volatility: Why Investor Ryan Hoggan Isn’t Surprised by Market Moves

Crypto Volatility: Why Investor Ryan Hoggan Isn't Surprised By Market Moves

In mid-April, bitcoin incurred a 30% decline shift. Its price fell from $64,829 to about $30,000 apiece. That is a lot to stomach.

The current level of bitcoin decline is harsh. The last time it dropped was around March 2020 during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, experts claim that there is still more to come.

Venture capitalist Ryan Hoggan has strategically maximized the current crypto-volatility happenstance. In a talk with Ryan Hoggan, he shares why the market-moves in the cryptocurrency sector do not surprise him.

  • Ryan, any thoughts on the current crypto volatility?

In the past few months, the crypto world is pictured to be in a state of confusion and growing skepticism. Frankly, these current tags are predominant in any form of financial investment.

Sequel to the 2011 nosedive decline in cryptocurrency, the crypto space saw catastrophic volatility. It caused another round of dip in crypto value. This, of course, came shortly after China’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies and what I call the “Musk effect,” which cited the environmental impact of mining digital currencies.

  • Is there any form of consolation for unfortunate investors?

Well, investors should understand that for every bear market, there is a bull market. Simply put, every trend, whether downward or upward, almost always has an opposite trend. And this goes on to become an infinite cycle of perpetual balance.

Experts have opined, and still do, that the dip, however devastating, will be nullified by a similar bloom. In essence, the crypto investment will never be a terrible idea. Despite the decline, it will remain profitable as long as the structural design and paradigm are obeyed.

  • Which mental posture should investors acquire?

I have programmed my mind for automated mental reorientation. The truth is, volatility exists in the crypto market. Whether you ignore or accept this truth, it will always stand.

Most investors get carried away by the colossal profit surge and lose their ability to stay mentally firm during periods of dips. Personally, my resolve has been reinforced.

I can never be caught mentally unaware in times of terrible investment outcomes. An intelligent investor should be able to act rationally in times of unforeseen dips in value.

  • How can investors be smart about their assets in this harsh season?

Naysayers have been parading the media and calling cryptocurrency a glorified pyramid scheme. Sadly, these people forget that cryptocurrency is just like every other form of investment. Risk is a constant variable in this equation.

But there are strategies to deploy to beat the game, or at least contain casualties: Never invest if you have not done your due diligence. I simply cannot imagine investing with little or no understanding of the market I intend to invest in.

Finally, I strongly recommend that you diversify by investing in a healthy number of cryptocurrencies.

  • Any final words for newbies in cryptocurrency?

Newbies, listen. I know it is easy for doubts to start creeping into your minds, especially with the recent dip that struck the crypto market. Now is the best time to ask honest financial questions and think about taking advantage of the benefits of coin trading and ownership.

While you ask these questions, ensure to reassess your strategies.

And it is a wrap. Ryan Hoggan is an expert investor; His opinions are facts. Please feel free to digest these nuggets.

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