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Coin Return Group Shares: Should You Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe Using Hardware?

Hardware wallets are the best way to keep your digital currency safe, and this is due to their lack of Internet connectivity that protects them from hacking or virus invasion.

The Coin Return Group encourages trust in crypto transactions by apprehending scammers and helping victims of crypto scams to recover their stolen funds. The Coin Return Group has outlined why you should keep your cryptocurrency safe using hardware wallets.

 What You Should Look Out For When Seeking A Quality Hardware Wallet

A Recovery Phrase

The Coin Return Group advises that a recovery phrase is essential when using a hardware wallet. This phrase gives you access to your cryptocurrency even if your hardware wallet is damaged, lost, or stolen. So, when purchasing a hardware wallet, ensure it has a recovery phrase. 

High-level Security

When choosing a hardware wallet to secure your crypto, you must ensure that such a wallet is highly secure and has the necessary certification to verify that.

Easy To Use

It would help if you looked for a hardware wallet that is easy to use and offers access to your needed services.

Why You Should Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe Using Hardware

Hardware Wallet Are Secure 

Hardware wallets best help to keep your crypto safe. This is because they are not susceptible to viruses or hacking since they are not connected to the Internet. Most hardware wallets also have pin protection, and some even have biometric login security.

This makes it harder for a thief who doesn’t have prior knowledge of your details to access it. Plus, your device could lock them out after three attempts to unlock it. 

Hardware Wallet Are Portable

Hardware wallets are straightforward to transport because of their size, making it easy to transport your crypto with you. 

Hardware Wallets Allow You To Store Multiple Cryptocurrency 

Some hardware wallets allow you to store multiple cryptos simultaneously, and this is because crypto doesn’t take up too much space on the device. So, there may be no limit to the amount of crypto you can hold in your crypto wallet.

Transactions Require Hardware Wallet Verification 

All transactions need to be verified by your hardware wallet, making it harder for hackers to access your device. So, all you need to do is keep your device safe, and no one will be able to access your crypto but you.

Hardware Wallets Have Long Battery Lives 

With some hardware wallets lasting up to two weeks with only two hours’ charge, you can access and use your crypto anywhere and whenever you wish.

Hardware Wallets Are Affordable 

Hardware Wallets generally cost between $90-$200. This makes them very affordable, considering their function. 

Other Ways To Protect Your Cryptocurrency 

2-Factor or Multi-Factor Authentication 

Protecting your crypto requires you to set up two or more requirements (e.g., password, pin, face ID combination) to access your crypto account. This makes it harder for scammers to access your account even if your password is compromised. 

Verify Websites or Apps Before Use

When performing transactions, verify the authenticity of the platform you are using to prevent your crypto from being stolen in a fake transaction.

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