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5 Ways to Style Summer Dresses

Everyone loves to wear a summer dress when the weather allows, but sometimes it can feel like you’ve run out of ways to wear it. Luckily we’ve put together this list to help you put together the perfect summer outfit. The summer dress can be worn a hundred different ways, so we thought we’d start…


5 Ideas To Start a YouTube Channel

Being a YouTuber definitely isn’t as easy as it might look – if you want to succeed, you have to be prepared to really grind at self promotion, as well as doing everything from writing and recording to editing and promoting all your content yourself at the beginning of your career. Annoyingly, the ‘easy bit’…


5 Effective Measures for Using Tech to Improve a Food Truck

Society expects instant gratification, especially in fast food. The food truck business has joined the ranks of brick-and-mortar restaurants, and both depend on speed and customer satisfaction. A recent article stated that approximately 35,000 food trucks are operating in the United States. The article also states that the current food truck industry is hauling in…

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